Thursday, October 15, 2009

Putting it all together

Archie and Nina with Monty and Chester who leads the Presbytarian camp.
Day 4 brought more sanding, taping and mudding at Archie's and then more electrical work at Mariano's. They move like machines powered by the Energizer Bunny.
Hopefully they won't be quite so hot tomorrow. The weather is supposed to change sometime tonight with a cool front coming in. We broke the record high today and I just can't say how much we are ready to have this heat leave!
Today we got the rest of Mariano's deck materials ordered. The team coming in next week will be tackling quite a few projects over there. The deck railing will be one of them. We really liked the railing that our team did at Garaldeen's last week and plan on going with that same pattern for Mariano's. Delivery should arrive tomorrow.
The dumpster for Ms Carol's house is to arrive tomorrow morning. Our team coming to work tomorrow and Saturday will be gutting her house so the dumpster is a necessity. The county is no longer picking up trash at the curbs so we are forced to get dumpsters for any big jobs.
We also learned that Catholic Charities is trying to locate temporary housing for Ms Verlis and her family so we can get in and gut her home next week. Even though they are currently living in it with everything destroyed, cabinets and counter tops falling in, bathtub not usuable and numerous other problems, living in in during and after it's gutted is just too difficult. We pray they will be successful and the family will get to enjoy being away while we dig in and gut and rebuild.
I took some time late today and reorganized the tool box on the back of my truck and the inside. Things get tossed in and it ends up being a mess before I can even think. Monty was working on his and so it just seemed like the thing to do. I ended up rather "pink" when done as all UMCOR tools are spray painted hot pink so teams will know they belong to us and whenever I paint anything I tend to become the color I am using. And spraying on a windy day . . .
We've had a great time with the Presbytarian teams over the past weeks and Chester even seemed a bit disappointed today when he realized their team for next week won't be working with us but will be working in Galveston with construction coordinator, Sandy. We reassured him that their teams for the following 2 weeks will be returning to San Leon.
It's just such a blessing to have the teams coming as they are. I sat up late last night reworking our schedule of teams and that proved to be quite a job. Example -- next week we have a team of 27 working Monday through Friday, another team of 12 coming to work Thursday through Saturday and another team of 5 coming for just Saturday. If only each week could be like that we would be closing house after house and moving folks back home in record time!
We did get a bit of really good news today -- our dear friend back in Mississippi -- Pastor Lavoy and his wife Tracy's little girl is doing much better. She was diagnosed with the swine flu and was quite ill. She's only 5 years old so we were all happy to know she is doing better. Thanks for the healing touch Lord.
Be sure and stay tuned over the weekend as we have a team coming tomorrow through Saturday and another one for Saturday -- won't be a dull moment!
Until next time . . . be blessed to bless! Susan and Monty

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