Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Mom is the BEST!

See all the drills lined up -- that's what it looks like when a team comes in and works at the speed this one is -- fast!

They are hanging sheetrock as fast as one can get a sheet to the other. They have framed in walls, formed the kitchen and are ready to start taping and mudding tomorrow. Archie said they have done more work in the past 2 days than he got done in the past who knows how many months! And the smile on his face was lighting up the entire room!

They also found time to stop off at Mariano's to check on his electrical as they also are wiring at Archie's. They made a list of what they need, will return tomorrow and plan on being done with it all in around 3 hours!!! And then --- with any miracle at all --- we can call the power company and they will agree to come out and turn the power back on!

Like I said -- an amazing team and there are only 5 of them!!!

Now -- as for the title of this blog entry! I have -- without a doubt -- the best Mom in the world! I have always known that I got my heart for helping others from both my parents but my Mom gave me a bit more I think!

I called her yesterday to tell her the story of Martha and Steven and how we are really up against it with this couple. We cannot apply for funding through our usual means because of some rather personal issues with them. This leaves us "out to dry" as some would say. We just say that we have to take another route. As I was telling my Mom about this I could hear her wheels spinning. And today I get this incredible email! She is organizing a "one woman bake sale" --she being that woman! Her Pastor has agreed to help out by letting her do the bake sale at their church (First United Methodist in Columbus, Indiana) just in case you're in the area! :)

And that isn't enough for her -- she has contacted friends who are going to also start baking and do what they can to raise some funds so we can help Martha and Steven.

Baking is only the beginning for her. Over the summer her pet bird population grew -- too many to bring inside with the cooler temps coming. So she advertised them for free -- or rather a donation! She got quite a nice donation for 4 of them this morning!!! Go Mom!!!

Just knowing that my Mom is working so hard -- has such an amazing and giving heart -- she just has no idea how much that means to us!!! The help may be going to Martha and Steven but what it does for us is impossible to put into words!

For the past 19 years my Mom has run the "Hot Meals" program at their church. Every Monday night she organizes food and volunteers to come in and cook for the homeless and anyone who walks in the door. Sometimes they serve near 100 people. She never fails. She never runs out of food. Most of all -- she never runs out of love for people -- she doesn't judge, she doesn't shun, she just loves and hugs and smiles and dishes up some of the most delicious food known to man!

I can only thank God for such an amazing Mother, for such an amazing example and for the love and support she has, and continues to have, for us and what we are doing!

I have asked her to get a plane ticket ready so she can personally come and share with Martha and Steven. (I really just want to see my Mom as I miss her soooo much)

May all of you have just a "touch" of the heart my Mom has --- and then we pray you take that "touch" and bless someone with it! YOU in turn will be amazingly blessed! Just try it!

Until next time . . . I miss you Mom -- I love you and I thank you for being my Mom!

Be blessed. Susan and Monty

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