Monday, October 19, 2009

Marilyn's team comes ready to go

They arrived early for orientation and pulling 2 tool trailers! Ready to work and numbering somewhere around 22 at last count!
Experienced is an understatement. Many of them have already made 10 trips to New Orleans following hurricane Katrina and have already been to Galveston. This is their first trip to San Leon and we are thrilled to have them with us! Each homeowner feels the same.
After a brief description of each homeowner and home they divided themselves into 4 teams and off we went.
One team headed to Art's to start his flooring. Art chose a product that only Home Depot carries. It looks like hardwood but is vinyl and yet installs similar to hardwood. The team dug in and scraped and scrubbed the floors before lining up and getting going on the actual flooring. Once they got going they really got going!
Another team went off to Hank and Cherie's to work on skirting their trailer. Skirting isn't an easy task but Monty did plenty of it growing up and you can see by the photo that there was a short session of "skirting 101." They got the hang of it and were off and running by this afternoon. Hank and Cherie have quite a punch list of things needing accomplished so this crew will be quite busy.
Yet another team were going back to Archie and Nina's to continue the work done last week. With all the walls primed all they needed to do was start the painting. Nina had chosen her color over the weekend and with 10' ceilings the extension poles were getting quite the work out. Archie is quite content this week as all of this team are women so Nina is enjoying the companionship along with working right along side them.
Our last group followed us to Mariano and Maria's. They had the task of adding the railing to the deck flooring. We are copying the pattern FEMA uses for railings as it is up to code and much more cost effective, not to mention it looks great. You can see for yourself in the photo. They managed to finish the railings and have just a couple of hand rails to get to tomorrow. From there the team will be working a lengthy punch list and just maybe . . . do you think . . . we might get done? Maria is calling the power company to request it be turned back on and we all are holding our breath for that. One can always hope anyway, right?
Monty has been quite busy himself all afternoon with helping our RV park manager get some new tenants settled in. They arrived late yesterday with a new camper and have never camped before -- ever! They were more than confused but Monty came to the rescue and not only parked and set their trailer -- he is back today trying to make some repairs on it. This couple will be quite the blessing for this area as their ministry is to prepare taxes for homeowners for free! Yes, free! I can't wait to take them around the area and introduce them. And yes -- that time will be upon us before any of us are ready! (Didn't we just get done with that?)
As you can see -- we are going in all directions but all directions are going forward. The weather is absolutely perfect --although we are awaiting the backlash of hurricane Rick off the west coast. Rain is on its way!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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