Monday, October 12, 2009

The Presbytarian 5

They didn't get in until late last night, all the way from Virginia, but they were ready to go this morning. The Presbytarian 5 are quite skilled and already made an amazing difference in Archie and Nina's house!
We haven't been in Archie and Nina's house for quite some time. Archie has been working at his own pace - and with an injured back. Their daughter called last week and said they were ready for some volunteers to come in and help.
And here they are --- and Archie thought all they would do is hang and finish sheetrock! They started in with framing and insulating and doors and such. I can't imagine the transformation this house will take on by the end of the week.
It might be raining on the outside but the sun is most definitely shining inside their home! Even Nina was down on her hands and knees and having fun helping with the insulation!!
I also paid another visit to Martha and Steven this afternoon to just check on them. Good thing I did as they needed help. Remember me telling you how they don't have any hot water or kitchen cabinets or sink? And the only things they had to make meals with was a very used microwave (that I know must have been what Noah used on the ark) and a hot plate? Well, the microwave breathed its last and she was very upset.
Off I went -- and met an angel along the way -- and returned with a brand new microwave! Angels are wonderful creatures arent' they! If only I could find a few more for this family!
Until next time . . . be blessed and be a blessing for someone else. Susan and Monty

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