Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Some got good rest last night, others worked a bit late - but they all returned raring to go this morning!
Our day started with devotions in the park with our Iowa team. We were both surprised and pleased when they told us one of the things they enjoyed the most were our early morning devotions! We aim to please and what better way to start the day! Even if we were huddled on the side of the restroom building to stay out of the wind! Yes, the temps took a dive but by afternoon the sun was out and all were very happy to be working in the south!
Iowa headed off to Logan and Jayne's and David's. Both dug in right away as Tuesdays are the day where everyone knows what to expect and is ready to do what needs to be done to get the job done. With David being in Texas City we headed there first - after a stop at Lowes, of course! This part of the team were busy cleaning and regrouting his kitchen counters that are made of ceramic tiles. They were also sanding the cabinets in preparation for restaining them. The biggest job ahead of them was to begin tearing out the ceilings - knowing there was blown in insulation behind them -- the absolute worst kind. With masks on their faces and plastic up to barricade other rooms from the dust they started in. It's a messy job beyond description but they were hard at it. We did find out that David was headed to the hospital to be admitted for the care of blood clots in his leg. He wasn't ready to go as he was thoroughly enjoying visiting with all the volunteers and knew things would happen with him gone. Monty prayed with him before we left and we hope he'll only be gone a couple of days. You might want to pray for him also -- remember that he's 98 years "young."
Our PDA teams from both TX and PA were also off and running. They returned to Hsilda's home where they were finishing the new bedroom, opening up a new wall to expand the dining area and working on some electrical that went with opening that wall. They sort of looked like organized ants -- everywhere doing everything!
The rest of the team went back to Robert's where they were painting walls, also working on electrical with the replacing of plugs and switches, installing doors and trim. The two women you see in the above photo were the "women of the day." They have spent the past 2 days inside 1 bathroom trying to get it clean. They mastered the shower and tub and thought the vanity counter top was going to be replaced with a new one. I broke the news that we were going to use the existing one and they started in cleaning what appeared to be the impossible. When we returned in the afternoon is was amazing -- looked like a new one! As I said -- our "Women of the Day" for sure. They promised me they would be working in another room tomorrow! :)
Robert left work to come by and see how everything is going and was so blown away that he was speechless! He looked this way and he looked that way and was amazed! He was nearly in tears when he returned to work as he wanted to stay and help but was having his own busy day and had to go back to work! His case manager also stopped by today and was equally pleased and in awe at the changes.
Our HVAC (heating and air) gentleman also came by both Robert's and Hsilda's today to give us an estimate. Al has done a couple of other homes for us and always does a remarkable job for a more than reasonable price so we are hoping for the same with both of these. This is a job that cannot be done with volunteers, it's just too extensive. We are so thankful to Al as he understands what we are doing and why and also shares our hearts.
Our day also ended at Lowes getting the last few things in preparation for all teams tomorrow. Sometimes when we go in there with 4 families or more - trying to keep all things straight can be quite the juggling job. We now have counter tops and a kitchen sink coming to Robert's on Friday in preparation for another team to install. Friday will be the last day for these teams and God will supply just who we need just when we need them so we wait and know in faith that His timing is always perfect!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing to someone else! Susan and Monty

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