Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cranking on all cylinders

Robert's deck is going up (the job being run by one of the women -- yea!!), his doors and nearly all installed, the painting inside is transforming the entire house and the trim is following right behind it all. Robert even surprised the team with home made tamales for lunch! Quite the hit they were!
Hsilda's now has a new opening in her home that has doubled the size of her dining room - complete with the arch! The new bedroom is looking good and her light fixtures are also going in.
Logan and Jayne's sheetrock is finished and priming and painting are beginning. After a trip to Lowes the window and door casing, the floor trim and the chair railing are all inside ready for whoever and whenever.
David's ceilings are now down, along with all the nasty blown in insulation. The team was all decked out in long sleeves today to try and avoid the itching that comes with the job. They are also working on the counter tops and cabinets and ready to start transforming them tomorrow.
Material was flying, everyone knowing what needs to be done and getting the hang of how to do it -- a typical Wednesday in the life of a one week volunteer team. Some members have just arrived and some were leaving at the end of today. It's a constant revolving door of amazing hearts of service.
The miracle of seeing hearts and lives changed -- in both the homeowners and the volunteers. I know God is smiling!
Two more days to go and who knows what God has in store?!
Until next time . . . be blessed and be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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