Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Saturday

It was an amazing day - a Saturday - and I was just too whooped to get a blog done last night! My apologies to the teams who worked so hard all day!
Our newest team was all here come Saturday morning so we started with our usual orientation at the park. From there we headed them all to Jayne and Logan's where they started on yard cleanup. It was quite the challenge but they came prepared and with a little help from Jayne's mower and weed eater they were hard at work in no time. They cleared trees, shrubs, very tall grass and all the etcs that have been out in the yard since the storm. Logan is attached to oxygen all the time and unable to get out and do anything. Jayne does her best to keep working and they were both thrilled to see the team and the results at the end of the day! This team thought they weren't "skilled" and yet God took them and they did miracles!
Our electricians continued their work on Martha and Steven's. There have been quite a few "challenges" with the wiring but they were determined to get it safe enough to leave for the next electricians -- and they did just that. Martha was looking forward to standing in her shower with HOT water for the first time in 13 months!
Judy's team finished the gutting of Ms Verlis, complete with the removal of their shed and all it's flooded contents! I had no idea they would actually get it all done but they rose to the challenge and it was awesome. They even had a prayer blessing ceremony at the end and some of the kids in the family that had been there helping stayed for the prayers. Judy has already scheduled a return trip in January and we are so thankful! It was tough to say goodbye.
We also had Lowes delivery trucks coming and going throughout the day. Our team at Jayne's ended their day by going by Hsilda's house and taking all her materials inside where they would be safe and dry and ready for the team coming tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow will have us starting 4 new homes, all in different stages of rebuilding. It will be a great week and we are so thrilled to know that one of the two teams we have is our "family" team from Iowa! Tomorrow mornings orientation will be like a family reunion.
I also have some more than miraculous results from my Mother and her "one woman bake sale" she held at her church this morning. The Pastors and all my parents' friends jumped on board with baking, making bulletin inserts and posters for the occasion. My mother was determined to raise some funding for Steven and Martha after she read about them. And when my mother sets her mind to something . . . and God steps in with her . . . amazing miracles happen! That is exactly what happened this morning and we are so thankful to her and the entire church for stepping up and making some miracles happen for Steven and Martha. Be sure and stay tuned to see the results and see God's hand in the mix. THANKS MOM!!!!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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