Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texas times 2 = WOW!

They came, they saw and they made a difference in a big way!
Our returning team from yesterday, from Corpus Christi, and our incoming team from Houston both met us at the park bright and early this morning ready to go.
Our first event of service landed right in our laps at the park. They were beginning a handicapped bicycle ride around the city and we helped them unload their bikes from the back of trucks. What a great way to start the day. I saw them riding through the city all day.
From there the Corpus team headed to Martha and Steven's to do yard work and fence demo. They started in and you can see the before and after photos above. The fence came down along with dead trees and plants and trash was piled and grass was cut and transformation was awesome! Martha and Steven were still in amazement when we stopped by after the team left! It's amazing how something like cleaning ones yard can make one feel so much better! God at work!
Lunch was very special for the team also. Martha's neighbor is Hai. In fact, they borrowed Hai's mower to mow Martha's lawn. Hai made wonton soup for the entire team and they all enjoyed sitting around her house marveling at how beautiful it is and how much they appreciated Hai's lunch! It was a great way for Hai to give back. And a couple of the team took out some tree stumps at her house and did some weed trimming also.
I said the team left -- but not stopped working. From there they headed to Mariano's to remove a very large and "in the way" tree stump! Didn't take any time at all and it was gone!
And then they all packed up and went to Walter's where the Houston team had been working all day. Houston had been cleaning up Walter's back slab area and touched up the trim on the exterior of his house. They were already finished when Corpus arrived. Corpus once again fired up the chain saws and went to work. Front yard, back yard, side yard -- they got it all. And you can see by the photos Walter loved the fact that the women on the team were paying some special attention to him! :) He might be 92 but he loves the women and they love him!
The day was coming to an end much too quickly but not before Corpus asked Monty and I to join them in communion at Walter's. We all gathered around a small plastic outdoor table that had seen better days quite some time ago. The Pastor brought the area, the table and the first communion all together for all of us gathered in a circle on Walter's front yard in a way I have never experienced. It was the most powerful communion I have ever received!
The entire day was awesome -- an amazing end to an amazing week. All 3 teams this week came with hearts of service and yet knew that ministry comes long before the hands on work. Lives have been changed forever -- from Archie's structure becoming a home to Ms Carol's house ready for rebuilding to Martha being able to sit out in her yard and not feel embarrassed or overwhelmed to Walter now having a bunch of dead trees gone ---- it was all God in action through those who just made themselves available! No "special" talents other than those that God instilled each person with to go and do His work!
I heard something on the radio today that really hit home ----"impossible isn't a word -- it's just a reason not to try!" I like that! It's that step of faith, that believing it can and will be done in God's perfect timing. As I told some team members today - I get to see miracles each and every day -- and it's the greatest blessing of all!
Until next time . . . "with God nothing is impossible!" Susan and Monty

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