Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thank you Baytown

Usually we stand under the park shelter either swatting mosquitos or wiping sweat during orientation of teams. Not this morning!
Our team drove only 30 minutes to get here and we stood shivering in the winds! The temps were in the high 50s -- yes, 50s -- this morning. And no one was complaining!
After orientation we were off, first headed to Walter's. There the team got started with painting the exterior trim the beautiful blue color that Walter had chosen. The kids on the team got a plan of cleaning up the trash lumber in his front yard. They were off and running when we took the other part of the team to Mariano's to also paint the exterior trim. And once again, the kids there took the same idea of cleaning up the "mountain" of lumber scraps in their front yard.
It's one thing to clean someones yard when the weather is nice and dry. We had anything but that all evening and night last night leaving what used to be yards looking like mud bogs. What perfect conditions for kids - right? They didn't care. I've never met a boy yet who doesn't "bond" with mud in a miraculous way! :)
Not only did they paint the exterior trim and even touch up some of the siding, they packed wood, they packed trash and they packed whatever needed to be packed to make the front yards of both homes look awesome!
And no one complained -- in fact -- the kids at Walters insisted that I take a photo of them in the tree as they finished.
It was a great day --no one was wiping sweat and yet most were either covered in paint and/or mud! All were smiles as they left and hopefully they will come back and work with us again and spread even more blessings around the community!
On a side note -- some of you remember the episode where Mariano's neighbors pitbulls got out and killed their mother dog and all 8 puppies --- well --- both pitbulls got out again a couple of days ago, jumped the fence of the neighbor and killed her dog, pet rabbit and rooster! This time the dogs were caught in the act and were immediately removed from the homeowner. We are all so glad to know those dogs are gone as our deepest fear was for the children!
Many thanks to all the teams who have taken what would be a day "off" and come here to share their hearts and hands to help others! We know God will return the blessings a hundred fold!
Until next time . . . be blessed and be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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