Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodbye Marilyn - Hello Barrett

Did someone change the calendar and not let me know? I'm certain today was a Monday and not a Friday! Mondays are the days where we run and run and run and the phone continually rings -- I guess it can be the same on Fridays!
Marilyn's team worked and worked to get things wrapped up at Mariano and Maria's. The electrical inspector did a "drive by" and passed us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord and thank you for the miracle! Now all they need to do is make another phone call for them to connect 2 wires and it's time to move in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doors are all installed and nearly all of them painted. The family will finish the ones needing a second coat of paint. The backer board is down in Yami's room awaiting the ceramic tile that the family will also install. The room is painted and the girls themselves got in last night and made some beautiful stripes on the walls! Now that they have learned to paint -- lookout!
We did bid a sad farewell to Marilyn's team this afternoon. We are so thankful to them for all the hard work they put in and for making a life long impact on quite a few families! It would be nice to see them return sometime soon. Marilyn says she might come back for the house blessing on Mariano and Maria's and that might just be this coming week?
Meanwhile we had a new team arriving, or part of them. We were tied up at Lowes with part of Judy's team so the new team, Barrett's team, headed on to Hank and Cherie's to wrap up a couple of things. The rest of this team will arrive tonight and they will be working hard come tomorrow. They also helped us unload sheetrock into Logan and Jayne's house in preparation for our incoming team from Iowa who will work in their home next week.
And then there was Judy's team who came in yesterday and were still working on the gutting of Ms Verlis's home. You can see by the photos that is was quite the job and they are doing an amazing job! This isn't a small home and this is far from an easy job. They are working as a team, they are communicating and following instructions and it's awesome to see not only the lives of the volunteers touched by this but also the family. You can see one of the boys with the women. Rebuilding this home will be very far from easy but . . . with God nothing is impossible and we will follow His direction and timing. In the meantime the team will continue working tomorrow and should have not only the house finished but also the falling down building behind the house that holds so many family possessions that must all now go into the dumpster!
You can also see a couple of wonderful photos of Martha! She and Steven were totally surprised today when the team of master electricians showed up to start the rewiring of their home AND to install a water heater! They haven't had hot water in 13 months! Steven had tears streaming from his face as the team entered their home and started going to work! God has directly told us to step out in faith with this home and all we can do is say "yes Sir" - with a smile on our face!
Monty and I also got some materials ready for Mr David's house. The Iowa team will be divided into 2 teams and part of them will go to Mr David's to demo the ceilings and floors in a couple of rooms and then move on to refinishing his kitchen cabinets and regrouting his tile counter tops. Never a dull minute!
The temps are near 70 -- the sun is shining and the humidity is low -- and the teams are working miracles! Lives are being changed near and far and we are so blessed to watch it all happen and see God's almightly hand in each step!
Until next time . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

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