Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Deck number 3 underway

There you have it -- Garaldeen and her new deck! She is thrilled and the team didn't take time to hardly breathe before packing up and heading to Mariano's to start theirs! Garaldeen's is beautiful! For us -- we actually get to "close" a client's file!!!! It's a great day for us along with the homeowner!
Mariano was already starting to dig the holes for the concrete when the team arrived and Chester from the Presbytarian camp decided to return to add another set of hands to the mix. He enjoyed working with the teams and has decided to come on his own, even if they themselves don't have a team scheduled! Go Chester!!!
The bags of cement were smoking as they were being poured in the holes. With some digging, some running the strings for leveling and others pouring concrete it won't be long before all the posts are set and they will be ready to move forward starting tomorrow. With tomorrow being their last day I would imagine they will be moving at quite the pace. Mariano is right there with them as each set of hands gets just that much more done -- not to mention the relationship building that is going on between the team members and homeowners!!
Buckle up and hang on -- tomorrow will be awesome!
Until then . . . be blessed and be a blessing to someone else! Susan and Monty

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