Sunday, January 28, 2007

Near miss

Yes, I received a phone call from the Illinois gentlemen that left for home yesterday morning. They did arrive safe and sound and a bit shaken up! It seems they were headed out on Interstate 10 in their pickup truck pulling their tool trailer and the van following. A semi truck was passing their truck. From nowhere another pickup truck comes flying towards them -- going the wrong direction on the interstate --- at approximately 100 mph!!! Like I said, they had a semi passing them at the time.

With nowhere to go they ran towards the right side of the road, off the road. The semi headed for the median. The speeding truck knicked the semi trailer and continued on into the median until he came to a stop. Needless to say, the driver was drunk!

The morning before our team left we prayed for protection for them as they traveled home. We also told them (from experience) that God has something very special for them in return for their service here. And whenever God has a great blessing for them it makes the devil more than a bit angry. We told them to be prepared for the attack from satan as it might come in a form they least expect it! Like I said, we have experience in this and try and "warn" each team. God must have something REALLY special for this team as satan DID try and stop them. The hand of God always wins and He was protecting them from bumper to bumper and top to bottom!

We're just so happy that everyone is okay and home with their families safe and sound! God bless all of you!

As for prayers, I would ask for prayer for Monty. It seems he has caught some sort of virus and is "down for the count". He didn't feel very well yesterday and today was worse. Like I said, satan on the prowl!

Our incoming team from Bedford, Indiana will be leaving in the morning and we pray for their safe travel. They have about a 14 hour drive so please remember them in your prayers also.

Another note; tomorrow Mike will be getting all the results from all the tests and will be meeting with the doctor to get a plan for trying to save his leg. Please remember them in your prayers also. Mike Jr. was with Faye in church this morning, Mike Sr. was in too much pain. Mike Jr. will be joining the team from Ohio tomorrow to help in getting the house torn down -- by hand! It was good to see him back home and we plan on working him -- and watching him receive the blessings the Lord has for him!

Until tomorrow .... God's blessings. Susan and Monty

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