Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goodbye Illinois

There they are, the Illinois and Wisconsin team together yesterday morning after our devotions.

Illinois left around 4:ooam and hopefully are safe and sound back with their families as I write this. It was just such an amazing week and we hope this team will make a return trip as soon as possible.

We awoke to rain showers again this morning. They continued throughout the day but Diane and I didn't seem to notice them while we were at the Mardi Gras parade in Ocean Springs. We managed to balance our umbrellas AND get more beads than you can possibly imagine! Diane counted hers and has 104! Mine are still in a clump waiting to be sorted through. It was fun seeing all the people decorated and all the colorful floats, even with the rain. Mardi Gras is something I have never experienced and from what I have seen already it is quite a big deal! The kids sure were enjoying the parade!

This evening Monty, myself and Diane all went to the apartment where Tony and Shirley are staying while they are here volunteering. The complex was nearly destroyed by the storm but is back together now. The only thing is that there are no tennants! With hundreds of units in this complex Tony and Shirley are the only ones there! It's a beautiful place located on the water. Shirley cooked a fabulous home-cooked (and healthy) meal for us, such a wonderful change of pace from what we are used to. We even played a few games of Scrabble where Tony found that there is no such thing as beginners luck! It was such a nice evening spent with friends who will be friends for life! Who knows, we just might get Monty to go farther north than Indianapolis and make a trip to Wisconsin to visit them!!?? I think the fishing possibilities just might be the key to get him there!

We pray that all of you are doing well and will find yourselves in church tomorrow giving thanks for your many blessings.

I had a special blessing this evening! My son, Ryan, called me to say he and his girlfriend of 8 years are getting married this spring!!!! I am so happy for them and only wish we could be there for the wedding. They don't want a ceremony and are having a small private wedding. I have always thought of Dedra as another one of my daughters and now it will be "official".

Blessings to all and until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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