Friday, January 19, 2007

Scrambled Brains

Yes, I think my brain is scrambled this evening! It was one of those days where things are happening so fast it's hard to keep them all straight!

We started off the day with getting our WI team returning to Willie's. They are doing such a wonderful job on getting the doors cased out and the baseboard in. They also finished up the painting. We had to get more of the base and another door so they will be returning sometime next week to complete everything. We are so thankful for this team and for their willingness to take on any project we have for them and do such a great job!

From there we had a meeting with our Convoy leaders, Fory and Cindi. There are so many "behind the scenes" details that go on with this relief effort and sometimes so many unanswered questions. This morning was very productive and will lay even more groundwork for our effort in the future.

We also went to Operation TLC located in downtown Pascagoula. This is run by the AmeriCore and provides a huge facility where they house volunteers. They are complete with showers and a kitchen. They also provide 3 hot meals per day for the ridiculously low price of $6.00 --- for all 3 meals, not each!!!! We have a team of 150 volunteers coming for the first week of April and we will be housing them at TLC. We also will be housing a couple more teams there before the spring is over. It's exciting to team up with them and exciting for them to be able to use the facility for what they planned. Many thanks to Becky who took us all on a tour of the facility and was so gracious to meet all our needs.

It seems our West Virginia team, headed up by Joe, are really pouring the blessings out for Mike and Faye. Joe will be flying in next week to get the ball rolling with the rebuilding of their new home. He also called to let us know Mike and Faye have been touching the hearts of everyone in their area of WV and they are stepping up and providing some of the materials that will be needed for the project! When Monty and I hear of such warm hearted people, people who have the gift of mercy and giving, it touches our own hearts and energizes us even more! There is no way to thank everyone up there for all they are doing other than to tell you ---- YOU are rebuilding lives first --- and that will get the home rebuilt! May God bless each and every one of you!!!

Some rather upsetting news from Mike and Faye. Mike got the results of the testing that was done on his leg last week and things don't look favorable. He has another appointment with a surgeon on Monday and we ask you to join in prayers with us --- pray that he will not be faced with loosing his leg! This news has both of them understandably upset and concerned. They really need all of us to unite in prayer and hold them up in faith!

On the other side, Monty's step father came home from the hospital today! His kidney was removed in a 7 hour surgery on Tuesday and he is home 3 days later! Now that is from some powerful prayers --- we thank all of you!!!

Each day Monty and I are blessed to see the hand of God moving in so many ways. Today was one of those special days. One of those days that is impossible to put into words. One of those days where we truly realize just how blessed we are to be here, to see the miracles, to hear the miracles and to feel the miracles!

Thank you for coming along with us on this mission --- for being a real part in bringing the people on the Gulf Coast HOPE!!!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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