Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Destruction 101

Some pieces of Pascagoula history are in the process of being demolished this week. This used to be an apartment complex with 16 buildings that people called home. After Katrina those people had no homes. And now --- you can see for yourselves, down they come. They were not structurally sound enough to rebuild. The city is taking them down, reducing them to the pile of rubble you see in the top right photo, and will make room for new construction. There were signs up all over the place warning of asbestos pollution, thus the reason the fire departments were there, constantly spraying huge streams of water at the same time the demolition was happening. The spray of water you see is mixed with asbestos dust. This is making headlines in the local newspaper.

Everyone that lived in these apartments were moved into FEMA trailers but will not be able to use them as permanent housing. In fact, the 18 month time period has now come and those who are not actively pursuing permanent housing will be asked to leave their FEMA trailers and live "someplace". Needless to say, finding an apartment anywhere in the area is next to impossible. Those you can locate have raised the rent to the next thing to impossible. Many of the residents moved away and might never return. It's a tough situation any way you look at it.

THIS is the reality of living here. THIS is the reality of surviving the storm. THIS is the reality of trying to rebuild your life!

Until tomorrow .... thank God for your home this evening ..... Susan and Monty

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