Monday, January 15, 2007

The three from Wisconsin

Here they are, working away and enjoying the sunny and warm day down in the south. Sure beats the snow and cold where they are from!

In the first photo you see Monty "striking a pose", complete with toolbelt on! He and Tony were working with Dane (holiday today so he was off work) on getting some interior doors hung. The doors require quite a bit of work in preparing them. The door itself is seperate from the jam and the jams must be cut to size. Once they got the hang of it they were ready to roll. No doubt tomorrow they will be master door hangers!

Shirley and Diane worked away at sanding! Finishing sheetrock with the mud and tape, more mud and then more mud, is an art. If you aren't really good at that art it will require alot of sanding and that is exactly what they were doing. What a difference it makes in the final look of the walls too! Even though the girls weren't up north in the snow they were still covered in white at the end of the day!

They will all be returning to Dane's again tomorrow but will be heading someplace else on Wednesday.

My afternoon was taken up with paper work and then some more paper work. It just seems to never get done!

I don't think I have told you about Monty and I returning to school??!! If I have, sorry for the repetition. If not, here goes. We have enrolled in International Gospel Outreach schooling. This will require us to drive to Mobile, Alabama one evening a week. The classes are quite intense but just the direction God has been leading us. We will be attending the classes for the next 6 months with our graduation at the end of June. Upon graduation we will be licensed missionaries. The next step that will hopefully also take place then will be our ordination into the ministry. Please keep us in your prayers as neither of us have had homework for more years than either of us want to admit! But we do know this is another "God thing" and are committed to what it takes to do it!

Speaking of prayers. We have an important request for one this evening. In the morning, at 6:30 am to be exact, Monty's step father, Tony, will be undergoing surgery back in Indiana. He will be having a kidney removed and the entire family would really appreciate your prayers. They know it is cancerous but we also know that God is bigger than any cancer or any disease! We thank you for praying for them, and for Monty. Being so far from home at times like this is very difficult! We will let you know how things go in tomorrow nights blog entry.

Until then, Tony --- we love you and will be praying for you. Susan and Monty

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