Friday, January 26, 2007

DOWN it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, today was the beginning ---- the de-construction of Mike and Faye's house! The photos tell the story.

Our General Contractor, Joe flew in town today (I think he came in without a plane!!) and the day was a God-day all the way! You can see Joe with Mike and Faye in their FEMA home at the top. The other group photo is taken on the porch of their old home.

We gathered both the Wisconsin and part of the Illinois team to get things started. The sun was shining, the temps were great and they were ready! The rafters, then the walls and finally the flooring all came down and out and stacked for salvage for the rebuild. They were up on the roof, pushing over walls and down under the flooring getting the job done. Their patio is now stacked with all sizes of lumber to be used in the rebuilding process.

Mike and Faye came by after he finished with even more testing at the hospital. He will return again on Monday for the results of all the tests and to see if they can try the surgery to connect some veins for circulation. But for this afternoon he was happy, he was smiling and he was blessed! We pulled up a chair for him and he watched in amazement. The neighbors who have been so wonderful at watching over the house while it's been empty started pouring in. This couple has been missed by all of them. We all started talking about the "speed build" which is coming about and they all had something they could do to help. One neighbor says he will get his grill fired up and do some cooking for everyone! It was just awesome to see the love flowing from this home all up and down the street once again!

Joe has his house plans all ready, 2 bedrooms with a master bath off the master bedroom and the laundry room built right into the master bedroom. There will be a second bedroom, a half bath, a family room and large kitchen. They will have a deck on the front where they can once again sit on and meet and greet and visit with all their friends, family and neighbors. There will be french doors off of their bedroom to open to their already existing patio. There will be a handicapped ramp off the side of the house. It's a basic, open style home with about 960 square feet of blessed living space!

Joe and Monty worked on checking all the required elevation levels on the property. They have the "master plan" ready to be put in place. Our Convoy leader, Fory, came by for a visit and I think I saw some excitement coming from him also! It's hard not to get excited! All you have to do is step foot on the property and it's contagious!

The Illinois team presented Mike and Faye with a special gift, a Bible that all of them signed. They also presented them with a devotional booklet and will continue a subscription to them. The tears were flowing when all that happened! If you weren't fighting back the tears I would be worried about you!

We had a few minutes this evening to stop in at Mike and Faye's FEMA home and take a few photos. They and Joe had never met so this was special time for all. He plans another trip sometime next month, to keep things on schedule, and hopefully will bring his wife along with him then.

It was such an incredible day! The other part of the Illinois team worked on finishing the floor preparations in Dane's house, cleaned it up and made it look incredible! They worked so hard and my only hope is that they will be able to stand upright once again when they get home! :)

There was a "downer" to the day, as usual. We are sorry to say that one of the financing attempts we have out there returned empty today. This will not get us down. God always steps in with another plan and He did just that. From nowhere another possibility, a near certainity, popped up and I will be pursuing that come Monday morning. I would ask that your prayers go out -- asking that what we need will be provided when we need it. We know God has annointed this build and REFUSE to let satan and his little demons do anything to dampen our spirits! Your prayers will reinforce that!

Both our teams are spending a wonderful evening at the home of one of our church members, Jamie and Cindy's. Jamie cooks up a big pot of his special down home gumbo, complete with all the fixins, and they are still there as I write this! It's such an added blessing to be invited into the home of someone, to be made to feel so comfortable and to just have a time of sharing and fun. We are so thankful to Jamie and Cindy as they try and do this with each team we have!

Very early tomorrow morning our Illinois team will be heading home. Our prayers for safe travel will be going with them. They have been such an outstanding team and we will truly miss each and every one of them! It is our prayer that they will all return SOON!!

Until then..... God's blessings to each of you! Susan and Monty

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