Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome Bedford, Indiana

Yes, they arrived this afternoon and are all settled in as I write. There are 6 of them and they are ready to go for tomorrow morning. They and the Wisconsin 3 will join forces and be working in Rosemary's house and starting a new job at Harry's house. Be sure and stay tuned for a week filled with blessings and stories. And yes, they did come in sporting their Colts clothing!!! :)

I have a very special prayer request for Monty. He is very!!! sick with what appears to be the flu. He has been running a fever and really feeling bad. He also is so looking forward to my parents arriving on Wednesday evening so we could REALLY use the prayers for healing.

Today was one of those days where satan was really active and on my back all day long! He has a tendency to do just that but today he was coming on a bit stronger than usual!! Tomorrow is a new day and God always wins!!

Tony, Shirley and Diane took the day and headed to New Orleans to check out a relief effort there in the 9th ward. It was Tony's first visit and I think he was speechless! When you see the degree of the devastation it does take your breath - and speech -- away! He took plenty of pictures which they will be able to share when they head back north to the land of the snow!

As I said, be sure and stay tuned this week. I will be getting some photos of the accident the Illinios team was involved in on their trip home. George will be emailing photos to me and has said it was the closest near death experience they have had! Once again -- God always wins!!

Until tomorrow .... God bless. Susan and Monty

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