Sunday, January 21, 2007

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this evening is one of those evenings where we miss being at home. We are from Indiana and are more than a bit excited that the Colts will be in the SuperBowl. And to top it off, the quarterback of Chicago, Rex Grossman, is from our home town and grew up with my daughters! Now if we only had Colts shirts for the big game!

It was exciting to watch and like I said, makes us wish for the celebrations that are no doubt going on at home. I called my son in law (a HUGE Colts fan) and he said he nearly called 911 in the last few minutes of the game! I couldn't even get through to my sone (also a HUGE fan) as the lines were too busy!

Now, back to the south! Once again I ask for prayers for Mike and Faye. He has his appointment with the surgeon tomorrow in regard to his leg. They were at church this morning but it took all he had just to get there. He had been up sick all night with vomiting so we need some additional prayers going their way!

Joe, from West Virginia, who is going to head up the construction of their new home sent the blueprints yesterday. It's a wide open floor plan and just the modest size they need. All will be ADA handicapped accessible which also gives the feeling of wide open spaces. Mike and Faye will have something they have never had --- their own bathroom off of their bedroom! Just thinking about it brings a much needed smile to their faces and takes their minds off all the medical "stuff" for a few minutes.

Our team from Rockford, Illinois arrived very late last night, or early this morning. It was nearly 1:00 am when they "checked in" and looked a bit tired this morning. They were joined by some of their family today, a real treat for them. This evening they are sleeping away getting prepared for tomorrow. They will be working at Dane's with hanging doors, trimming out areas and preparing the floors for the ceramic tile which will hopefully be going down later in the week. We also hope to get some more painting done, as long as it stops raining and creates some better drying weather.

Our Wisconsin 3 will be going to Rosemary's to hopefully get some of her inside furnishings outside in her storage unit. The electrician has a couple more lights to prepare and is unable to reach them due to too many items stacked in the middle of the rooms. Her brother is coming to help which is nice because this brings another family member into the pool of blessing. Our goal is to have the electrician finish in the next couple of days, get the final inspection, her brother get the insulation and ceiling sheetrock to the house and we will be ready to start with both next Tuesday morning with our Indiana teams arrival. But as we well know, plans are always subject to change at the last minute with no notice. Flexibility is the key! As someone quoted, "blessed are the flexible for they shall bend and not be broken". Amen to that!

We are also happy to know that our Bettendorf, Iowa team is making plans to return the middle of April! It's always so great to have teams return to work with us. It's like having family back!

We thank all of the teams who have been here and those who are scheduled to come. Without you this effort would not be. YOU are the keys. YOU are the hope. YOU are the rebuilders. YOU are the hands, feet and heart of God. YOU ARE THE EFFORT!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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