Friday, January 26, 2007

Willie is done!

Everyone enjoyed seeing the sunshine and feeling the warmer temps today. The bottom 2 photos show Tony and Shirley hard at it --- taking advantage of the weather to get some last minute painting done at Willie's house. Tony is working on the furnace vent cover and Shirley is painting the shelving for his bath closet. Notice the 2 men from Illinois who are also "enjoying" the sunshine! They are the electrician and plumber who came to Willie's today to work out some issues. Willie now has his toilets and vanities hooked up properly and the electrical problem in the kitchen corrected. Once again it was a fantastic team effort and Willie's house is now complete. All he needs is the carpeting he has chosen for the bedrooms and his kitchen cabinets. He was a very happy man today!!

The rest of the Illinois team continued the work on their hands and knees preparing Dane's floors for his ceramic tile. And today they got done!!! None too soon for certain ones! Rafe's brother from Alabama returned to help again today! I think he's really enjoying himself! You can also see from the photos what it takes to prepare the outside of Dane's house for caulking and painting! Getting the ladder set over top of the stairs and up that high is quite a feat! But once again they rose to the challenge and got it done! Both the Wisconsin team and the Illinois team will be working together tomorrow, enjoying the sunshine and warm temps and painting the outside of Dane's house. It's our last push to get him as done as we can also.

We are really looking forward to our West Virginia contractor, Joe, flying in tomorrow to do some preliminary work for the rebuild of Mike and Faye's house. He will only be here for the day and there is alot of work to go over. It will be an awesome and productive day! God will see to it!

Monty and I attended our class to become licensed missionaries again this evening. Each Thursday night we drive to Mobile, Alabama. It only takes an hour and the classes are so incredible. We had a guest speaker this evening who spoke on having the heart of God. Really "food for thought". We will be attending the classes throughout the month of June with graduation at the end of June. God is truly preparing us for the next step in our walk with Him.

Until tomorrow .... Blessings, Susan and Monty

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John Slotten said...

I just wanted to encourage all of you in your service to the King. Keep serving well and sharing the purity of your Christian attention with each person and family you meet!!! For those serving from Christ The Rock you each are in our prayers by name. All others are covered in prayers of care and protection as well. We may not know you by name but we know who you serve and call Lord!!! We love you...Keep reaching out!!! We are proud of your service.
In the strong name of Jesus, big john