Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Important Family Update

This is a very special update on Mike and Faye. If you are a new reader you will see their photo. If you have been following along over the past months you know the story. For those "newbies" I will back track.

We met Mike and Faye this past summer. They were living in conditions that most of us wouldn't put our pets in. A contractor stole their life savings from them in return for his promise of adding an addition on to their home. The only problem was that the existing home was in shambles from the storm and he didn't bother to make any repairs before starting the new addition. The result was a roof that literally poured rain into the home each time it rained. Faye would spend all her time emptying pots and buckets trying to keep things dry. It was impossible.

On top of that, as if it wasn't enough, Mike is diabetic, had kidney failure which requires dialysis every other day and congestive heart failure. (he's only 47!!!)

Faye is legally blind and also has numerous medical problems.

When we met them they were at the end of their rope. We were blessed with a wonderful team of volunteers from Pennsylvania who took it upon themselves to tear out the home and see what we could do to get it rebuilt. They spent a week doing just that, and in the process became a part of Mike and Faye's family for life! At the end of the week it became evident that the home was not structurally sould and could not be rebuilt. Plan B had to be implimented and we didn't even have a Plan B at the time! We did manage to get them into a FEMA trailer where they have been safe and dry since one week after meeting them!

After some months of "behind the scenes" plans we are on our way to getting them a new home. I won't let the cat out of the bag but be sure and stay tuned as history is definitely in the making!

This brings us to now! I paid a visit to them this afternoon. We also had a wonderful team from California who are sending a team sometime in April who "adopted" Mike and Faye also. They sent a Christmas gift to them and allowed me to have the blessing of giving it to them. (Note to the CA team --- your timing was divine).

Within the past week there have been some major changes with Mike and Faye and prayers are in DESPERATE need! It started with Faye somehow loosing her purse, complete with her disability money inside - to be used for Christmas- at the mall. They searched and called and went to the mall for the next 4 days hoping someone would atleast return her identification. Not a chance!

Next comes the news from Mike. With his diabetes things just don't heal as they should. What he thought was just a sore on his foot has now taken a turn where he will be undergoing some tests this week and next and is in danger of loosing his leg! This on top of everything else!

And back to Faye. This past Saturday, as she sat in her car at a stoplight, another vehicle rearended her hard enough to break one of her vertebrae in her back! She will be going to an orthopedic specialist tomorrow, but in the meantime didn't have the money to fill the prescription the doctor had written for her on Saturday at the time of the accident! Remember the lost purse???

And now we throw in the final "nail" as they say ---- on January 11th it will be the first anniversary of Faye's mother's death!

Now I don't know about you but we might want to be praying some extra powerful prayers of healing right about now! I spent over 2 hours with them and wish I could have done so much more! They know God is caring for them ... but ...

I just felt it was absolutely necessary to let all of you know what is going on with them. They have touched the hearts of so many people and by looking at their photo above you can see why.

I want to send a VERY special thank you to the PA team who called them on Christmas Eve day, a call with so many people there to cheer them up and wish them well! If only you could see the smiles that I did when they talked about that call!

And to the CA team whose card and gift was divinely appointed and perfectly timed! Once again, I only regret that you couldn't see their faces!

Thanks to everyone who has been, and will continue to, hold this family up in prayer. For those of you who are just "meeting" them, thank you for adding them to your prayers. I will do the best I can to keep you updated as to their progress.

May God watch over all of us ..... and all of you ..... Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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