Monday, January 08, 2007

Like minds

There is a house behind the black "curtain". That is black plastic trying to protect what is left of the house until someone, somehow comes along to rebuild it. Just a reminder of what things still look like down here.

This morning we did something we have tried to do for months and months. We were able to attend the monthly "Rebuild Jackson County" meeting and the "Case Management" meeting following. The room was packed with people from all over the area who are just trying to help the people in any way possible. There were representatives from FEMA, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Project Recovery, the Methodist volunteers, the Catholic volunteers, the Presbyterian volunteers, ECD Hope financial services, pastors, sheriff's department and many more. The new executive director started her position today so it was sort of a kick off meeting. They meet at the same time we start devotions with teams so we have never been able to attend. Today we could. It was amazing to sit in a room filled with that many people who have the same goal in mind -- to help the people who suffered from the storm! No hidden agendas, no politics, just helping. The Case Management meeting following was where people bring in special hardship cases and case managers from any of the agencies decide to "adopt" the family and do what they can to help them. It was such a blessing to sit and listen to all that goes on and to see just how the agencies have grown and learned and adopted what they have learned over the past year plus. I plan to attend each one from now on. Monty will get to do a devotion once a month now! :)

We are scheduled to take a look at more homes tomorrow. The calls continue to come in and we continue to try and reach as many as possible. It's never ending.... We pray we will be able to continue, that the volunteers continue to come and the effort continues to flourish. Like we always say, we rebuild homes by rebuilding lives.

Don't forget, if you would like a FREE copy of the Convoy of Hope DVD showing the need for volunteers just email and they will send one (or however many you want) out to you asap.

Until tomorrow ... God Bless! Susan and Monty

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