Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's Monday? No, it's Tuesday!

Well, there you see it happening! The team of roofers who are here from Ohio came in and took down Mike and Faye's house. The stripped out everything under the roof first, which left nothing but a shell. Then they hooked up a line, pulled with a pickup truck and down it came. They are now working on salvaging what they can from the roof! It was an amazing sight and a welcome one! And I have to say that all those men who are in the 20 plus age group REALLY enjoyed the destruction process! The sledge hammers were flying!
Update on Mike, he has his surgery this afternoon. They did amputate his big toe and did the vein mapping in his leg. They discovered he has a disease in his leg and have decided to see how it does over the next 3-4 days before making any further decisions. His heart has also been compromised and there is some concern over that. Faye was able to go home this evening and get some much needed rest. Please remember them in your prayers.
The Indiana team, combined with the Wisconsin 3 were more than busy today. It seemed like a Monday since this was their first day at work. Part of the Indiana team started at Harry's house. You can see them hard at work in the bottom 2 photos. They were tearing out what used to be beautiful, original, hardwood flooring. Dallas managed to fall through the subfloor where it had rotted out but he is fine. He'll probably have a nice bruise to take home with him! This is the first team of volunteers Harry and Ilone have had helping them and needless to say they and the team have become family after only 1 day!
Two of Indiana and the Wisconsin 3 were busy pulling nails from studs and stapling ceiling insulation at Rosemary's. The inspector failed to show for his scheduled appointment so no sheetrock could be hung. We hope he will be there tomorrow. In the meantime they will change and put insulation in the walls tomorrow. You can see them in the second group of photos looking like snow people with their tyvek suits and masks on! I got to visit with Rosemary's mother and she is doing well after her bout in the hospital and relays her thanks to everyone who has come to help.
Monty's fever finally broke this afternoon and by this evening he says he thinks he will live! The flu down here is extra rough but once again all of your prayers made a wonderful difference. You may think me foolish in my next request -- unless you are a dog lover! Our little chihuahua (Bitty) is very ill. I don't know if she ate something or not but she has been vomited all night last night and most of the day today. She has a fever and if it's not better by tomorrow she will be making a trip to the vet! I know she's "just a dog" but both Monty and I would appreciate your prayers for her.
In less than 24 hours we will be welcoming my parents to the coast and I am so excited! Please pray for their safe travel.
Until tomorrow .... thank you for ALL your prayers and continued support! Susan and Monty

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