Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogger "error"?

Yes, last night I had "blogger error" show up at the end and was unable to publish anything. The blogger "monster" ate the whole thing! VERY aggravating!!

Our teams bundled up and went to work again today. The top 4 photos show the Wisconsin 3 -- plus Monty -- working away at finishing Willie's home. The base trim is all done and painted, the walls are painted, the doors are hung and only a few finishing touches remain. As you can see by the photos they are hard at work, and having fun! The joy of the Lord! You can also see by Diane's photo that there is an electrical "issue" that will be taken care of by our Illinois electrician tomorrow! :)

Speaking of the Illinois team, you can see the posture most of them had the entire day! They are spreading the glue to hold the flooring that will hold the ceramic tile Dane plans to install. Quite a messy and "hard on the ole' body" job. There was an added member to the team today! Rafe's brother from Alabama came over and joined the team. What an awesome act of kindness and service to the Lord! We also were told that this team plans on making monthly --- yes, every month --- trips to help us here on the coast! Now there are some obedient servants and people with hearts of compassion and giving! We are thrilled and look forward to making sure they enjoy each and every trip. Thanks Rockford, Illinois!

Today we received another extension and blessing in this rebuilding effort. Dave, the pastor of Church of Christ, has taken things to another level. He has managed to provide cabinets to anyone who needs them! He actually purchased a distributorship and will be able to provide them at an awesome savings! I already have quite a few homes in mind and will be going to check out things more tomorrow! Thanks Dave, you are awesome. Dave was telling me today that their effort has completely rebuilt 300 homes and assisted in the rebuilding of 6,000. And he has no intention of stopping! Blessings to you and your efforts!!

I must admit to you that I am getting really excited --- my parents are coming to visit us one week from today!!!! When you are so very far away from home like we are it can be painful at times. Both our families are back in Indiana and to have my Mom and Dad take time and come and see how things are here and what is happening is awesome! They will also be here for the Super Bowl and my Mom says she already has Colts shirts for us!!! GO MOM!!!!

For an update on Mike --- he had both of his heart stress tests today and also the leg vein mapping. He is to see the doctor on Friday and get the results on Monday. These results will let us know whether his heart can withstand the surgery to try and get some circulation into his leg. I would ask for added prayers this evening as when I visited with them today he was in extreme pain-- and I mean extreme! The pain medication wasn't working and he was in misery. Faye was going to call the doctor and let her know. She said he didn't sleep last night and if he remains in this pain he probably will not sleep again tonight. With tomorrow being his dialysis day he really needs to be able to get some sleep. I was able to take over the new house sketches for them to see and that brought a smile to Mike's face! Thanks, Joe!

We thank all of you for your continued prayers. You just have no idea how much they mean to us and everyone on the Gulf Coast!

Until tomorrow .... Blessings, Susan and Monty

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