Monday, January 22, 2007

"Showers" from the Lord

Yes, I have come to realize that it doesn't "shower" here like we are used to in the midwest. The only term is "downpour", and that's what it did ALL night long! When you live in a metal trailer you know when every drop falls!

The above photos show our teams all in action today. The top 4 are the Illinois team. They were all in Dane's house for the day. They were putting up door casing, tackling some of the electrical and preparing floors for ceramic tile. The one photo that looks so cloudy, it's not the camera lens, it's the atmosphere in the room when sanding the floors smooth for the tile!!! They also realized the added task of needing to carry every single thing up the long flight of stairs to get in to the house! Ceramic tile is not lightweight either. They all "rose" to the challenge and had a great day. Most of them will be returning to Dane's again tomorrow; all but the plumber in the bunch. He and one more will be going to Rosemary's to do some bathroom and kitchen work.

That brings us to the next 4 photos, the Wisconsin team in action. They were working at Rosemary's house with her brother, Maury. He has taken the week off work to help any team members who come to help. This team did a major cleanup in the house! And I do mean major! The electrician can now get to the areas he needs to finish up and then finish the couple of structural things. Our goal is to bring in our Indiana team next week to do the insulation and sheetrock. Maury promises to have the materials we need on site by that time. To update you on some prayers needed -- Rosemary's mother is hospitalized in Alabama with pneumonia. Now if you remember she has COPD, a terminal lung disease, so getting pneumonia on top of this is quite severe. So all this work is being done with Rosemary needing to stay with her mother. Hopefully she will be pleasantly surprised when she sees all of the progress made.

It's so awesome to see the teams back with us and getting so much accomplished. We missed them during the holidays. It also sounds like our Iowa team is making progress in their return plans.

Monty and I spent our morning do some more PR work in getting the word out about all the blessings the volunteers have spread across the coast. We were guests on the local television show and then went across the street and did a radio talk show. It was awesome! The host was the same for both, a very strong Christian which meant he understood our heart and the hearts of the volunteers. He asked us to come back and do the radio show every Monday. The show is designed to be positive and filled with hope. It was just that! We plan to return each week and hopefully bring a volunteer with us at times so they can share their own stories of blessings and thus bring even more hope to the coast.

We made some more strides forward with Mike and Faye's home. We had a plumbing company volunteer their time to get things unhooked and turned off at their old home before the deconstruction begins Monday. It's a combination of everyone and their special gifts -- all coming together to make this work! Be sure and stay tuned as I know you won't want to miss a thing!

As for Mike's doctor appointment today --- the test results showed no blood flow to his leg. The doctor would like to do surgery to attempt to make some connections with his veins and get some blood flow going but they must first make sure his heart can withstand the surgery. So -- tomorrow immediately following his 4 hours of kidney dialysis he will report to his heart specialist for some further testing. It is our prayer that the report will be a good one and the doctors can do this surgery and help Mike to keep his leg. We know you will all join with us in this prayer.

Until tomorrow ..... GO COLTS!!! Susan and Monty

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