Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's January???

Like I said, I love these critters!!

We were back at it today. It felt good to get back into the swing of things, even if the schools and city buildings were still closed. People are still here who still need help and they aren't running on school or city schedules!

I started the day by emailing all past teams and their leaders seeing who is interested in returning and when. The response was awesome, and fast! I already heard from a couple of them, both of which are trying to get a schedule pinned down. Like I have said so many times before, we can say we are going to stay here for as long as it takes but the real truth is that we will stay here as long as the volunteers continue to come! Without them -- without YOU -- the relief effort will stop and those still needing help will not receive it!

Monty has been busy working inside the church most of the day. There is always work to be done. I'm not supposed to let the word out but he has been working on electrical issues and doing quite well (he really!!! doesn't like electrical issues) :)

This afternoon we headed out to check on some of our "works in progress". We stopped by the warehouse to check on the furniture situation and pick up reports that need to be sent in. The place has been busy, that's evident.

We also stopped by to check on Dane and found him off work today. He has really been busy, working every single day during what was supposed to be his holiday. He has most of the priming done and we took measurements for his interior doors, which will be the next step. Although Dane himself is doing well, his wife (Etta) isn't doing so well. Her health is declining and both of them could surely use your prayers.

Speaking of prayers, our Convoy leader (Cindi) could also use some extra prayers right about now. A few weeks ago she injured her shoulder moving some things and was told by her doctor that she needs "agressive therapy" to correct the problem. They just aren't in one location long enough for this to happen so she got some at home exercises to try. Before she could see if that was going to work she fell and has now cracked some ribs -- same side as her shoulder!!!! So you see why she would really appreciate some added prayer for healing. This couple does so much for us and the people all along the coast, from Florida to Texas, and she needs to be in tip top shape for everything! Her doctor appointment is tomorrow so please remember them in your prayers. Thank you --- we know just how powerful your prayers are!!!!

Until tomorrow .... take care of yourselves..... Susan and Monty

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Holly Desimone said...

I enjoy the critters also, very special to have on earth. Nice picture thank you for sharing it.
All the best in 2007!
God Bless from Holly Desimone