Saturday, January 20, 2007


What comes to your mind when you hear the word "ministry"? Is it the pastor preaching from the pulpit in a church building? Is it the pastor preaching his message via the television? Or maybe you think of the missionaries overseas bringing the word of God to those who have never even heard His name?

All of those are ministry. But there is another kind.

Today was a day of the other kind. Monty spent most of the day with Dane. Yes, it's a Saturday and we are awaiting the arrival of our team from Illinois and he could have taken the "day off" but he made the choice to go and check on Dane. You all know the story of Dane, his wife dying of Alheimers Disease, him working full time and spending every minute when he isn't on the clock trying to get his house put back together. His house is the one that had to be raised nearly 10 feet in the air due to the new flood plain. Spending time with Dane, talking with him, letting him talk, letting him cry, allowing him to release alot of the emotion in his life, being there for him, caring enough to come over on a Saturday, just plain "loving on him" is the kind of ministry that I personally feel is more difficult than preaching to a crowd of people. THIS is one on one ministry, a bit scarey as you are opening yourself up to who knows what. But THIS is the kind of ministry that is desperately needed all along the Gulf Coast. EVERYONE is hurting, everyone is emotional, everyone wants someone to listen to their story of the storm, of their life, and everyone needs someone to just care enough to be here!

THIS is the kind of ministry God has lead us into. THIS is the core of the disaster relief effort. THIS doesn't take "skilled" people, it just takes people who have a heart, who know what Jesus has done for them and are obedient to turn around and do the best they can to be like Jesus to someone else.

Today it was Monty's turn to minister. Who will minister tomorrow?

Until then..... Susan and Monty

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