Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Goal -- Help the People

Our Wisconsin 3 started a "new" job today. Convoy had done some work at Willie's house some time ago and today we returned to get it wrapped up. There is priming, painting and installing base trim and Willie will be wrapped up except for his kitchen cabinets and bedroom carpeting. He was especially glad to have Diane returning as he remembered her from the last time and thought so highly of her. She had a special Christian CD that he remembered the 2 of them singing to! It's that awesome relationship connection that God always talks about!

They were all busy getting the last of the priming completed and then moved on to the painting. The walls are completely done, only a few touch ups tomorrow. Then comes the installation of the base trim. It was also painted today so it should go up nicely. They are doing such a great job and even though it's more than a bit chilly here they seem to think it's not that bad compared to home!!

Monty was at Dane's this afternoon working on getting more doors hung. Dane is getting so close. The flooring will take some time but Dane is committed to getting it done himself. As usual, we'll keep tabs on him periodically!

I attended another case management meeting this afternoon and God blessed us with an answer to our dumpster issue at Mike and Faye's. It's just amazing to be in a room filled with people whose only agenda is to help the people! Joining together with them really can get alot of "problems" turned into opportunities. When we get ready to demolish Mike and Faye's house we will need a dumpster on site. The help we needed with that came from this meeting so we are over one more small hurdle!!

If you remember I have been encouraging teams who are thinking of volunteering to get on the schedule ASAP. Today was a perfect example of what happens when that doesn't happen! We ended up with a "double" booking and disappointment. We do not want that to happen again so PLEASE contact either Monty and I or at Convoy to let us know when you are thinking about coming. You don't have to have the dates set in stone but atleast let us "pencil" you in for when you are thinking of coming. The people here are still in desperate need and we are dependent on YOU, the volunteers. We have room in April so get out your calendars and start planning.

Update on Monty's step father. He was in surgery for 7 hours yesterday for the removal of his kidney. Yes, it was cancer and although the pathology reports won't be back for about a week the doctors assured them that it was confined to the kidney and they got it all. We are so thankful to all of you who have been praying! THAT is what will heal him! He has been in quite a bit of pain but has been eating solid foods and did a bit of walking today. They hope to move him into another area of critical care tomorrow so keep up the prayers.

Until tomorrow..... Susan and Monty

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