Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcome Home Diane

Yes, she managed to pull off a HUGE surprise and show up today!

We knew Diane was coming back, and thought she was leaving Wisconsin right after attending her home church this morning. Little did we know that she left on Friday and had planned a "surprise" entry into church this morning! I cannot tell you how happy we are that she is back! And from the applause in church, so is the entire congregation here! We have missed her so much, not only on a personal level but on a working level also. Diane is our "right arm", our supervisor on the job and one we know comes in with ALL her heart of service and WILL get the job done right! She belongs here, right in the heart of it all, right where she can bless people with her love, her smile, her compassion and her skills. Monty and I would like to thank her church, Christ the Rock, (and especially John) for realizing her heart and allowing her to return and fulfill the calling God has placed on her heart!!!!!

After getting over the shock of Diane's return 2 days early we got into the business of getting her caught up on all that has been going on. She will be heading out to work right after devotions tomorrow morning with Tony and Shirley. They are going to be working at Dane's for the next couple of days. With Tony and Shirley here for the next month it will be an automatic team of 3 to work with themselves or within another team. Awesome!!

Be sure to stay tuned. This relief effort is forever changing and growing and evolving. We are all making history. This type of effort hasn't been done before, not in this capacity. Everyone of us is learning every single day. We have no book to go to if we wonder how to do something. The only book we rely on is the Bible! That has all the answers we need! Thanks be to God!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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