Monday, January 04, 2010


We received another surprise!

Long ago we received a call telling us we had been nominated for "RVers of the year" with the Good Sam Club. We, not considering ourselves RVers, thought it was a nice gesture and went on with life.

Low and behold, of the 5 nominees --- we actually won!

To read their article published in their magazine called Highways you can go online to the following address and see for yourself then look under the Highways tab and there we are!

It's an honor and privilege and we thank all those who made this award possible!!! We've never been about publicity and seeing ourselves there is more than humbling!!!! Just wish they could air-brush us!!!

In the meantime we have been able to get the holidays behind us and start moving forward once again. With 3 good size teams coming in next week this week will be one of preparation. It's the only week we'll have as teams are booked till . . .
And that's a fantastic thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were able to obtain the building permit for Rosaland so we will be starting hers next week. But first we have to get the existing dumpster moved out of the way so she can get a storage container moved in and then have the dumpster put back in its spot. All of this should happen tomorrow -- pray all drivers have patience and wear a watch and can tell time!! :)

I visited with Hsilda this afternoon and they have been busy continuing the installing of their floors. They will run out of material so it's back to the store for more in the next couple of days. We have all the other materials in place and ready for next week. With a smile from above we might -- just might -- finish them by the end of next week?

We also received a great blessing from a past team that did some work in Martha and Steven's home. With the gift they sent we were able to purchase a combination heater/air conditioner to replace the one lost in the storm. With the temps dropping to below freezing here they will be very excited to hear about this gift. It never ceases to amaze me how God will touch the hearts of the volunteers and then they reach back and touch the homeowners!!! Priceless!!!

Making phone calls to touch base with incoming teams takes some time also. Each team has its own questions as do I. I was actually able to talk with each incoming team -- all in one day -- and it's going to be quite an amazing run.

Mel and Billie are also looking at their windows and getting some ideas about how many to eliminate. We are on a very tight budget with them, as with all homeowners, and purchasing all new windows takes quite the bite out of the budget. God will provide!

As I was talking with our next Presbyterian team leader today we were discussing where their teams would be working. As I shared the story of Richard and his illnesses Kathy, the leader, had her heart touched. She is a nurse and realizes the reality of the situation. She and her team will be taking on the project of not only securing the railing for Richard and Peggy but might possibly build a ramp along with it! Remember when I said God will provide!!!??? He never fails!

Up to this point we have been having our team orientations in the local park. With the temps dropping we called Pastor Bob to see if we could use his church and of course, he welcomed us. So we can now be warm, dry and out of the winds -- atleast for the orientations! Thanks to Pastor Bob and Dana for all their love and support.

Our Las Vegas team is also on their way back to spread some blessings. They worked on Marie's home last fall and were the ones that purchased the space heaters for her -- even though she fought them tooth and nail --- she still finds them quite warm! They plan on returning to visit with her and I know their jaws will drop when they see the finished home! More of that "relationship" thing that happens over and over!

The preparations will continue tomorrow and all through the week. Be sure and stay tuned.

Until then . . . bless someone else today! Susan and Monty

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