Thursday, December 31, 2009


They came to work and weren't going to let the weather get in their way of finishing the job!

Yes, Tuesday night brought flooding rains and although the forecast was for it to stop yesterday morning -- it just didn't happen until nearly evening.

The team at Robert's is the one featured in the photo. No matter if they had rain gear to wear or not, when we stopped by they were determined to finish the building of his back deck and steps and they did just that! They were soaked to the skin, shoes covered with so much mud they may never come clean and all they could do was smile!!! What a team!!!

The rest of the continued the work on Allan's sheetrock, the flooring at Hsilda's and some of them were working in Galveston in one of the parsonages. All over the place doing whatever needed done with their smiles lighting the way!

It was sad to bid them farewell at the end of the day. For a group of 40, 30 of them youth -- an amazing team that did amazing work in only 3 days! We hope they come back soon.

In the meantime Monty and I were out jumping through all the "hoops" to get a building permit for Rosaland. With her home in Texas City they have certain criteria that must be met and getting that criteria properly lined up took all afternoon but we got 'er done. We now have the pink paper to put in the window -- facing outside of course -- that will allow us to get started with the leveling of the structure. Our plan is to start on her home with our incoming teams on January 11. We will have 3 teams that week and alot of skill -- what a great way to start the New Year!

Today is one of those days where the fog just will not give way to sunshine. Yes, it's tough to see the other end of your vehicle while driving but none the less we headed to Lowes to meet Ralph and Laura so they could get some materials to keep them working during this weekend and until those next teams come in.

I also have an update on Richard -- he's not doing well. He called me yesterday morning and said they were running a battery of tests. His emphasema is combined with stomach cancer and each of them giving him a rough go of it. He did sound a bit better mentally. He said he could tell there were people out there praying for him and how much better that made him feel. Peggy is having a tough time and is wearing herself out going to and from the hospital. They both need prayers continued and I'll do what I can to keep you updated.

And now we look at the end of another year. Many people are sad at this time of year and others are overjoyed that it's finally over and they have a new start coming. We should all be thankful for all the blessings that we have been given over this past year. Not one of them were deserved and yet God poured them out in all directions. Yes, there were tough times and yes, there will be tough times in the New Year. BUT -- the promise of God always being there with us is all we need!

We thank all of you for your prayers, your love and your support this past year. We hope they will all continue with the New Year as we know God has alot in store for us. We're not in the habit of making resolutions but we do pray that God will continue to lead us in the direction He has for us and that we are obedient to His calling.

Be safe out there, be blessed and let's look forward to the New Year with our hearts ready to serve!!

Until next time . . . our love to all. Susan and Monty

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