Monday, January 11, 2010

Here we go!

They have come from Minnesota, Missouri and Las Vegas -- and all agree that no matter the temps here it's way !!! warmer than where they came from!
This was the first time for us to have orientation in Pastor Bob's church and it was great! Pastor Bob joined us near the end and sent us all out with prayer. We went through all the jobs and it ended up with the Presbyterian team going 4 different places and the UMCOR team going to 2.
The Presbyterian's are pulling the old siding off of Mel and Billie's with the hopes of making some major framing improvements, insulating from the outside, framing in new windows and then siding. They are working on one side of the home at a time in order for Mel and Billie to continue living there. We cannot expose the entire house to the weather and still keep them warm. The deliveries of materials were there first thing this morning and Monty only had to make one extra trip.
Another of their teams headed to Richard and Peggy's to start on the handicapped ramp construction. This team put together the plan themselves so I didn't even know what it was to look like. Richard is still in the hospital while the doctors try and get his jaundice under control to resume the chemotherapy. He is very upset that he isn't home to bond with the team but they all reassured me that they are making the trip to the hospital to see him! He will be so surprised and so very blessed by their visit.
Yet another group is finishing up the ramp and back steps at Jose' and Blanca's. Jose' told me Blanca still isn't doing well but he had quite the smile on his face as he watched the progress.
The last of that group are learning about sanding sheetrock mud! They looked like they had been out in a snow storm when I stopped in to see them and yet they also had smiles underneath all the white powder. I think the fire in the fireplace warmed more than their hearts too.
Our returning Las Vegas team of 10 are divided between Ralph and Laura's and Hsilda's. Both are installing flooring and base trim and working on kitchen cabinets. The delivery of Ralph and Laura's cabinets will arrive tomorrow and there is more than enough work to keep them busy throughout the week.
The sun is shining, the temps are back in the 50s and this is going to be an action packed week with blessings flowing like the rays of the sun. I can feel it in my heart. The laughter is already ringing down the streets, the joy is contagious and the love is life giving!
Be sure and stay tuned -- you'll be sorry if you miss it.
Until next time . . . bless someone and make God smile! Susan and Monty

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