Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Day 2 brought alot of progress! The weather is perfect and those from up north are really enjoying it.
Rosaland's is getting leveled, hurricane anchors installed clear through the flooring, around the joists and into the ground, while siding is also being removed in preparation for new siding when the time comes.
Janey and Logan ended up with an amazing sheetrock finisher and they are nearly done and ready to start on some of the paneling and trim. Logan is doing better and seems to enjoy the progress being done.
Allan and Rosemary are far enough along that the sheetrock dust is gone and Rosemary could even come and visit with the volunteers. She was telling her story when I stopped in to see all of them. This team will finish up the painting tomorrow and possibly start on the ceramic tile flooring.
Ms Dora now has all of her nasty carpeting out of her trailer and the vinyl tiles are looking really good. Shouldn't be too long before she's back home also.
Mel and Billie are soon to see a brand new front on their home. The new window is in and it's nearly ready for the siding. The front porch will also be rebuilt brand new. It took the purchase of a sump pump to get the standing water out from under the house but it's also nearly gone. They have a goal of getting the entire front and porch done before the end of their week so we'll see how they do -- I have full confidence they'll make it!
The HVAC team is busy troubleshooting problems in numerous homes and trying to locate a system to install at Robert's so we can get that completed and get him and his family home.
Brian and Carol's team informed me today that they are scheduled to be here for the next few weeks and want to "adopt" Brian and Carol's home and work on it over these next weeks!! A dream come true for them, the homeowner and for us! God always provides just who we need it when we need them!
And Monty even made some time to get our tool trailer cleaned out and semi-organized; as much as a tool trailer can be organized when it's being used on a daily basis! Making time to do such a thing isn't all that easy but he made it today and now we're ready!!!!
As I went from job to job today there was something that stood out at each home -- the look on the faces of the homeowners. Rosaland was smiling from ear to ear even with the "deconstruction" of her home going on. Janey and Logan were also smiling as they stood together watching. Rosemary couldn't stop smiling and thanking and smiling some more. Mel and Billie are doing the same even though everything familiar to them is changing it's changing for the better. Brian was a different man -- talkative and thankful and also smiling in disbelief.
That !!!!! is the reason we are here! That !!!! is the reason the volunteers come and return. That !!!! is the reason I know God is smiling and sending more blessings than we can possibly imagine!!!!
Until next time . . . help someone else and experience the blessing. Susan and Monty

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