Thursday, January 14, 2010

Laughter and Tears

I don't know how to capture the true essence of the past 2 days! Sometimes the words even evade me -- believe it or not.
The team at Richard's went above and beyond with not only the ramp but a planted flower in the front and their name and this year carved into the ramp itself. You can see the team photo above. This afternoon they went to the hospital to visit and had their computer with all the photos of the deck construction and what a blessing that was to he and Peggy and the family. The very sad part of this story is that Richard and family received word that he has between 2 and 4 weeks before he goes to meet Jesus! Sad in one way and joyous in another. Please pray for this family!
Mel and Billie laughed all afternoon because as the construction is being done the entire world could see into their bedroom! The walls had to be opened and thankfully the rains held off until today so the team got it all buttoned up with brand new windows, insulation and housewrap before starting the actual siding this afternoon. The progress is awesome to watch and the team also laughs their way through the day!
Allan and Rosemary's team were starting the texture process on their home. The walls are as smooth as can be and this task will test their creativity. I have no doubt they will master the task and might just want to texture their own home when they return!
This afternoon we welcomed back our team from Roundrock, Texas. They were here in the summer and were very pleased to be able to work without sweating through everything. They are working in 3 homes; back at Martha and Steven's working on electric and flooring and trim, at Logan and Janey's hanging sheetrock and finishing it, and then helping Rosaland move her belongings out of her home and into her storage container. Once again it's always great for Monty and I to have returning teams come and work with us.
As I said, over the past 2 days the laughter has reached the point of making my stomach muscles cramp -- the joy of the Lord is an amazing thing that sometimes can't be put into words. And then the tears when thinking of Richard and what his family is going through. How is it possible to deal with both extreme emotions? By leaning on and fully depending on God and His perfect timing. We think of it as the last thing and yet it is to be the first thing, the first thought!
We all need to be praying and doing what we can for the people in Haiti. The magnitude of this disaster is beyond my imagination. We ALL can do something! And if we all do something it will turn into LIFE giving!
Until next time . . . bless someone and feel God's joy! Susan and Monty

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