Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jose' and Blanca are complete!

Yes, Jose' and Blanca now have a completed handicapped ramp, safe set of stairs and a deck and stairs on the back of their mobile home. Jose' could not get the smile off his face and insisted I come inside and spend some time with Blanca who is now bedridden. Her English is a bit broken but her thanks came through loud and clear. She invited me to come back and visit with them anytime and they wanted to send out their thanks to all the teams who combined their hearts with their hands and created a miracle for them! Great job teams!
Mel and Billie have the siding off of one side and the other side is started. The new windows are starting to go in on one side and the framing has been repaired and hurricane strapped. The team who finished Jose' and Blanca's moved to Mel and Billie's so there are plenty of hands to pitch in. It's already transforming and those new windows will really make a difference.
Richard and Peggy's team have the ramp completed and were working on the railing late in the afternoon. They plan on making a visit to the hospital tonight as last night Richard was not doing well. They are taking a prayer shawl to gift he and Peggy with and I told them to be prepared for tears -- not just Richard's but some of their own!
Allan and Rosemary's team were thrilled that he made lunch for them today before leaving to get some of his teeth pulled. They are still white with sheetrock mud dust but smiling all the more as they see their progress and enjoy the company of not only Allan, but of their own team.
The Las Vegas team continues to keep my sides hurting from laughter! And by the photo of Chuck in his famous yellow shorts you get a small vision of what I'm talking about! They are amazing and the joy is more than contagious! They are setting kitchen cabinets in Ralph and Laura's and finishing the flooring at the same time. They are nearly finishing with the flooring at Hsilda's and also coming right along with the base trim. I wish I could spend the entire day just sitting back out of sight and listening to their laughter and fun!
Martha and Steven were thrilled when I stopped by to let them know Judy's team will be returning this Thursday, Friday and Saturday to finish their electric and all the other odds and ends! Not to mention the gift of the washer and dryer that will be delivered Friday!!!
Another amazing day -- and it's only Tuesday!! They already seem like family!!
Until next time . . . bless someone and feel the love! Susan and Monty

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