Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrating Richard

Our MN team continued working all through Saturday -- even with the temps taking quite a dive -- it's still warm for them!
Mae Ruth's deck team only went inside long enough for her home made coffee and then they were back at rebuilding. Another load of lumber was to arrive today (yes, deliveries on Sundays) so they can start the railing tomorrow.
Logan and their cat enjoyed watching their team get just the right stain color match for their chair railing and base trim. It wasn't easy but the team armed themselves with plenty of samples and came up with just the right color. It's really looking good.
Allan and Rosemary and son Matt once again had a roaring fire in the fireplace so it was tough to have any temperature sympathy for this team even though they have been literally on their knees the entire time. The flooring looks great and they should be ready for grout and sealing come tomorrow.
The end of the day took Monty and I to Pastor Bob's church for the memorial service for Richard. It was good to meet he and Peggy's 2 sons. It was a nice service and Peggy and family were treated to a full feast of foods afterwards where they could visit with friends and remember Richard. I have no doubt he was watching the whole thing with a huge smile!
Tomorrow we once again start the week with orientation and go full steam ahead. There will be jobs to check, jobs to prepare, materials to be ordered and materials to be relocated. Upcoming teams will be called to check in with -- how many are coming and what kind of skills can we prepare for?
And of course --- preparation for Super Bowl Sunday --- let's go COLTS!!!!! Yes, we know we are in the midst of Saints fans but hey --- GO COLTS!!!!!
Until next time . . . be a blessing and be blessed! Susan and Monty

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