Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MN loves the sunshine

Our team from Minnesota arrived bright and early this morning for orientation and already decided this is the kind of weather they were looking for! When they left home it was zero!!!!
They are divided in 3 teams; 1 working at laying ceramic tile flooring at Allan and Rosemary's, another priming and painting at Logan and Janey's and the third are rebuilding a very storm damaged deck and stairs for a new client, Mae Ruth. All have already settled into what needs to be done on each job and are praying for this weather to continue into early next week as that is when they will head back north.
Our Amish are working away at Teresa's although Monroe had to head back to Illinois due to a death in his family. He plans on being back on the job over the weekend. In the meantime they are working away on the construction of her new roof and electric and many other things at the same time. The women even got in on some of the warm weather helping Teresa do some yard cleanup today. The boys in the above photos got a real kick out of the idea that their pictures would be out on the blog today! And yes, I did ask permission and they were thrilled to say yes -- as long as they didn't have to pose! :)
Our Presbyterian's are still at Mel and Billie's installing new studs and insulation on the back portion of the house. The others are also installing new studs at Rosaland's in preparation for the roofer to come and do his work. When I stopped by they were all enjoying lunch together in the back yard (photo) and also soaking up some sunshine.
So if you've done the math you realize that by mid week we now have 6 jobs running. Both Monty and I were on the roads all day as they are not all in San Leon now. We are traveling to Santa Fe and Texas City also. It's one way to learn the back roads between jobs!
And here we are at the end of the day and Monty took off to Lowes with one of our neighbors here in the RV park -- trying to help him do some repairs on his trailer! He's always out in the neighborhood helping someone with something. All those years he spent working with his family in the mobile home business weren't a waste -- God was planning and preparing him each day to help others with what he had learned. And help he does!! :)
Until next time . . . could your neighbor use a helping hand? Susan and Monty

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