Saturday, January 09, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Addition in town

It might look like a blank canvas in this photo but even by this evening I'm sure it has taken shape. Yes, the television show Extreme Makeover is in Kemah which is only about 5 minutes from us here in San Leon. Hustle and bustle, trucks loaded with materials, volunteers all over the place and school buses taking in spectators like us.
This family has 13 children, 4 of their own and the rest foster children. They have fostered over 85 kids over the years -- until hurricane Ike came to town. They lost everything and when the show found them they were living in an 18 foot camper trailer! You read right -- 18 feet! Now as you know we live in a camper trailer, it's 27 feet. And I don't think we could pack 15 people in here unless we stacked them on top of each other. Also -- every camper has a 6 gallon hot water heater -- 6 gallons! Speed showers take on a whole new meaning! And the only cooking area they had was a grill outside. Think they are thrilled at the idea of a new home? Let alone a home that will have 8 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths and all handicapped accessible!!! I would love to go and see the progress each day before they turn it over to the family this Thursday but doubt if time will permit. God is blessing this family far beyond their dreams but I have a feeling they have blessed many a child over the years and have put many a smile on God's face in doing so.
Yesterday morning we were on the road to Texas City to meet the new camp manager and construction manager at the Presybterian Volunteer camp. The camp was closed during the holidays but starting today they are open and packing the house. Ben is the new camp manager and Matt will be working with us in construction. It was great to meet them as this venture with them and us has been incredible and we look forward to having their teams come along side us and pour out the blessings. They have nearly 30 this coming week and will be working in 5 different homes.
Along with the arrival of their teams we have our Las Vegas team returning and they will be working in 2 other homes. They plan on going and visiting with Ms Marie tomorrow. They worked in her home last year and are excited to see her again.
The rest of the past few days have been working on final preparations for all these teams and all the homes they will be blessing. Those preparations have taken us from here in San Leon to Bacliff to Kemah to Friendswood to Webster to Santa Fe and to Texas City before bringing us back here. And I wonder where all the miles come from on my truck!
I also made a trip back to Teresa's yesterday -- she had a space heater to donate! What a blessing that was as I immediately took it to Ralph and Laura's so they could work on warming their floors so we can finish installing the vinyl tiles next week. They were so happy when I called and so thankful to Teresa for making such an awesome blessing for them. When they are finished with it I know it will make its way into someone else's home and warm them also.
Our temps finally got above freezing today but not without a few incidents. We were fine, we kept the water running in the kitchen area and made sure to also remember to keep the tank open so it wouldn't fill up. Sandy, our coordinator on the island had the problem of running out of propane in his trailer -- in the middle of the night! That means not only was there no heat -- there was no hot water! I bet he checks the tanks alot more often from now on!
One of our neighbors here in the park also had problems with frozen pipes and hoses and our laundry facility here had pipes burst. Tonight is supposed to be the last one below freezing and we pray the weatherman is right!
Hope all of you are keeping safe and warm. Remember -- check on your neighbors and make sure they are all okay ---even if you don't know them that well!
Until next time . . . be a blessing!!! Susan and Monty

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Vanessa said...

Thank you so much for allowing Heather and Myself (Vanessa) to be in our blog. The Extreme Makeover Home Edition working on the Beach's house was such a great experience. Thank you for caring!