Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week of 61

They just kept coming in Pastor Bob's church for our orientation -- the final count totalling 61 volunteers!

Sorry for no photos but it just didn't happen yesterday -- our day was a full 15 hours and I couldn't think when we got home. It was an awesome day!

One of our PDA (Presbyterian) teams is divided between Janey and Logan's, Allan and Rosemary's and Rosaland's. Rosaland's is the most challenging as they are jacking up the house to level it, replacing some foundation and then bringing it back down. It took most all day just getting a plan and materials together but they are quite an amazing team. Janey's and Allan's teams worked magnificently well being led by the homeowners and it's a good thing as I only was able to check on them via phone calls. I just met myself coming and going too many times.

Our one day team from the area came and got Robert's yard all cleaned up which will make the city of Kemah a bit happier with him. They loaded all the trash on our dump trailer and went with Monty to Mel and Billie's dumpster to unload it. Great job team!

Our two day PDA team pulled up carpeting and are laying vinyl flooring in Dora's home. They also assured me they were fine and I hope to get to see them and thank them before the end of this day.

Our UMCOR team that flew in from Maryland are working with Monty on Mel and Billie's home. They have the front exposed and are ready to install the newly framed window. They also have an electrician who is starting that task and after a visit by my supervisor (and friend) Alan, it's all lined out and he's ready to really make an impact. Monty also met himself coming and going in getting both tools and materials lined up for the team. When a team flys in they come with nearly zero tools -- which is expected -- so our tool trailer gets put to use. There is standing water under their home so today will also involve using the pump and removing it and seeing what we need to do to stop that from happening. Another big day!

Another part of that team is being led by an HVAC contractor who spent his day running from a church in Houston that needed some work to a couple of homeowners who have air/heat problems to getting materials to start the installation process at Robert's. We are so very blessed to have this expertise here and have him quite the line up of work for the week!

Our final UMCOR team is working at a new home (new on our list). Brian and Carol have some materials and have their own funding to get what is needed (she cashed in her retirement!!!!) so they just needed hands as they are both unable to do the work due to medical problems. This team took Brian to Lowes and the truck was loaded down to the max. They also have their plan and their materials and they brought their own tool trailer so they are ready to rock and roll.

And it's only Tuesday morning -- early Tuesday morning!! I am headed back to Lowes for lumber, Monty is headed to Mel and Billie's and then back here to work on 2 trailers and then back to Mel and Billie's --- get the picture?

It's awesome to have so many folks from all over the nation, from different churches yet all with the same heart -- just wanting to serve! The weather is to be in the 70s and I know God is happy with what He sees in His servants! Pray for these teams this week -- pray for them each week! They are amazing and we are so thankful for each one.

I will try and do better in getting photos today!!! Pray for me, pray for Monty!!!

Until next time . . . God doesn't call the equipped -- He equips those He calls!!!!
Susan and Monty

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