Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God Welcomes Richard home

Very early this morning God opened the doors of heaven wide open and welcomed Richard home! The celebration has begun and he is finally able to breathe freely and move without pain! We will miss him and we pray for Peggy as she is understandably upset but she knows he is safe and with our Lord! The funeral arrangements are pending.
Also very early this morning we had our weekly UMCOR meeting where we welcomed back Sam and Ethel. They have done alot of volunteer work helping organize teams and we are thrilled to have them back. I also had the chance to meet Rocky who is managing the south side of Houston with teams rebuilding. The family continues to grow! How awesome!
From there it was off to gather materials and take to our team at Rosaland's. They are working closely with the engineer and the roofer was also planning on meeting with them to get some interior framing questions resolved. We were also surprised by the birth of even more new puppies -- 4 at last count. And they are safe and sound and dry -- right underneath the house where the team is working. After encountering a quite protective mama they decided to work in another area of the house! Good plan!
Mel and Billie's continues to change shape by the day. The front has alot done and by tomorrow should be complete. All that will remain is putting back their front porch area. A few of the women on the team did a side job today with helping Carol get her walls painted which also has her nearly ready to move home!
The ceramic tile flooring was underway at Allan and Rosemary's after taking the needed time to get it all layed out properly. Allan was feeding them lunch and they were enjoying it very much when I stopped in. Spoiling the teams again!
Janey's and Logan's also continues to change shape and get them closer to being done.
The team of HVAC men got all the details in order to start the installation of Robert's system tomorrow. They have teamed up with our HVAC installer and all will work together to get the job done! More of that togetherness again! Fantastic!
Brian and Carol's team were busy getting needed materials and installing those materials. I saw them both times I was in Lowes!
I managed to get a material list and get the materials ordered to start a new job with next Wednesdays incoming team. Gail has an older mobile home and there are ceiling repairs needed, new vinyl tile to be installed, a water heater closet rebuilt, a shower to be installed and a toilet to be set along with a new front and back door. She was worried that she wouldn't see Monty and I again -- thought we were already in Haiti! I assured her we were still here and she need not worry about us going there!
The skies did what they could to drop rain off and on all day. It didn't seem to bother any of the teams, even the ones working outside! At Rosaland's they are having to crawl underneath the house and I think they are enjoying the mud!! Remember the saying about boys and mud? :)
I continue to marvel at how the teams "melt" together. Most know each other from church but haven't worked side by side, let alone in these conditions. Yet they are filled with love and respect for each other, laugh all day long and return to do the same thing each morning! I love it when God touches hearts!
Until next time . . . we love you Richard and we will miss you!!!!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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