Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breaking down walls

As I went from house to house today to check on teams there seemed to be a common happening -- walls coming down!
Rosaland's bathroom is where the tree came through the roof and the walls are rotten from all the months of moisture and are coming down.
Mel and Billie's walls on the back side of their home are coming down.
Teresa's walls are coming down on over half of her home.
And yet -- God spoke to me about those walls.
We have the Presbyterian's working on 2 homes, the Amish on another with Methodist on deck for tomorrow. All those "denominations" -- some would call them walls. And yet all are working together -- no walls between them -- just a heart of service!
If only we could take this practice into all the world -- no more walls?
Think about it -- I don't think there were any walls in the Garden of Eden????
Until next time . . . do you have a wall that needs to come down? Susan and Monty

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