Friday, January 29, 2010

Calm before the storm

It's very, very early on Friday morning. Living in a camper during a high winds and impending storms makes for light sleeping. Blogging early is a great way to start the day anyway!

Yesterday I awoke to yet another flat tire, yes, on my ones that are only 3 days old! Seems when they put on the new ones they failed to change the plug -- so a stop to the local tire shop took care of that -- on all 4 tires.

From there it was off to meet Alan, my construction supervisor. He was taking some time from his extra busy schedule to go and visit with our current volunteers and see some of the homes we have been working on.

Our first stop was to Rosaland's where we saw the improvements going on inside. Many of the damaged studs are now replaced and it's nearly ready for the roofer to come in, hopefully next week. We also managed to make some plans for her kitchen with the addition of a closet for her washer and dryer. Both had been located in the 2 rooms that completely blew off the back of her home and she doesn't want to rebuild them so the kitchen became the best place for an added laundry facility. Alan was very pleased with the hurricane bracing that's also been done.

Next took us to Teresa's to see how the Amish are doing. The newly rebuilt room was getting shingled and Alan even had to question if this was the same house I sent him photos of in the beginning! We are still keeping the leader, Monroe, in our prayers as he remains home in Illinois with his family at this sad time.

Coming back to San Leon had us drive by Richard and Peggy's ramp for Alan to see how awesome it is. Monty and I will be attending his memorial service tomorrow evening.

Then it was a stop at Janey and Logan's to see how well the team is doing with the walls and trim. It was enjoyable to visit with them and hear how they are enjoying the warmer weather here and see photos they brought of the snow in Minnesota! Brrr!! But beautiful.

From there it was a quick drive by at Allan and Rosemary's and then Mel and Billie's. I will need to pick up some more tile cement for Allan's this morning and the team at Mel and Billie's nearly have the back "buttoned up." Monty brought them the remaining siding and they were doing very well, also anticipating these storms and making sure it was closed up well.

Our last stop was our deck rebuild at Mae Ruth's. We decided to make some railing changes and I will be making that switch today also. She was extremely pleased with the progress and although the men assured us they would be working today -- even if it was raining -- I think the lightning might have them thinking again!

By the time we made all the rounds it was dinner time! Amazing how quickly the day goes by checking that many jobs! It was good for all the teams and homeowners to meet Alan and I know he also enjoyed meeting all of them.

And yes -- a trip to Lowes is first on our list for today -- some things will need to be wrapped tightly in heavy plastic to protect them through the rains but we always manage to get it done. Our Presbyterian teams are only working half the day as they need to prepare for their leaving tomorrow. They have tools to organize and a camp to clean!!

We are so very grateful to all the teams for all the work they have been doing this week. Some of these jobs are quite difficult and take some real calculating in order to get them done and all have risen to the occasion and mastered their task! God listened when we prayed for wisdom at the end of our orientation! God always comes through!!!

Until next time . . . be a blessing today! Susan and Monty

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