Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This evening all we here about is how to prepare for the cold wave headed this direction.

Now I will admit that the temps they are talking about (lows in the high 20s) is very cold for here but for us that have spent most of our lives in Indiana we've experienced worse. But . . . we aren't in Indiana and the normal temps for this time of the year here in southeastern Texas are around 60 and we have spent the last 4 winters here in the south and our bodies have adapted quite nicely so . . . we aren't looking forward to this cold wave.

AND . . . we live in a camper trailer!!! It's sort of like living in a tin box . . . heat in the summer and cold in the winter! Gotta love it!

Today found us headed to the main office early this morning. It was time to turn in receipts and information. Even with Alan out of town tending to his step mother we still have to operate as usual.

From there it was off to the city of Santa Fe. It's located a bit west of us here in San Leon and there were 3 homes we needed to look at to add to our waiting list.

Our first stop was to see Gail and her mobile home. It's just Gail and her 2 dogs -- along with all the other dogs in the neighborhood. She said she is the only person she knows who has a fence to keep the dogs in! Her husband passed away over 15 years ago and she's just doing what she can to keep the trailer as home. Her roofing had leaked after the storm and although someone had tried to put something on top to stop it we need to take care of it the right way. Her hot water heater closet is completely destroyed and she has to keep it closed because the flooring is gone and the rats find their way inside. Her shower wall was also broken and she just continues to clean it with bleach and try and keep herself clean. Help is on the way -- volunteers will love Gail and she will find amazing joy in each one.

Next stop -- Linda's. The only thing she needs is a new roof. Everything inside is fine -- such a joy for us to see something not destroyed. Matt, our roofing contractor will do a great job for her.

Third stop was to Teresa. Now Teresa is quite the engineer herself! Creativity and necessity drove her to do her building and rebuilding all by herself. Somewhere in there is a mobile home along with additions here and there and up above. Yes, a challenge it will be but none too large for God's plan and volunteers. Matt the roofer will also take care of this one and then we can step in and bring her home back to life. She told us the story of how she stayed outside in a tent after the storm and realized she would need to do the work herself and did just that until her health took a turn for the worst and yet she is still doing what she can and is quite the remarkable woman!

Before we could even leave Teresa's we received a call saying our dump trailer was on its way to our place. What a blessing this is for us as we haven't had a flat bed trailer to use and to now have one with a lift on it is great. Oh the things we can do with this thing!

After getting that taken care of Monty was off to help the park owner with a couple of things along with one of the residents who entrusted Monty to oversee the repair work being done on his big truck. The truck is in the shop and the owner lives out of town so Monty pretty much takes care of anything he needs. Neighbors helping neighbors . . . and God smiles.

Before dinner a trip to Lowes was needed and now we hunker down, propane tanks refilled, ready for the cold and wind coming tonight. Yes, camper trailers heat with propane and we just filled the tanks 4 days ago -- and we keep the thermostat below 70. Socks and slippers on our feet and plenty of fleece blankets for the both of us and the dogs and we're fine. It was funny in Lowes -- not a space heater of any kind to be found!! We just smiled.

For the rest of you in the deep freeze --- be safe, be smart and check on your neighbor to make sure they are okay!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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