Sunday, January 24, 2010

What an ending . . . leading to a beginning

Once again time got away from me!

Thursday night we were honored to have dinner at the PDA camp with the teams that would be leaving the next day. It was a double blessing as they invited the homeowners that they had been working with and presented them with a gift! The laughter and smiles filled the room and carried out into the parking lot and back home with all of us! Thanks PDA and thanks Ben!!!! What an amazing gift of hospitality you have!

Even though those teams were supposed to be leaving on Friday a couple of them went back to their homeowners to wrap up some loose ends. Ted sent me an amazing weekly report on Rosaland's that will be priceless to the next incoming team starting tomorrow. The relationship he made with our professional engineer will be a blessing throughout the building of her home and we are so thankful to him for that and for all the work he and his team did!

They also returned to Logan and Janey to clean up and prepare for their next incoming team this Wednesday. It looks great and Logan is doing so much better!

We were busy with our UMCOR team still installing the HVAC system for Robert and doing some touch up work on his back steps and deck. All that needs done is the system fired up and tested through and our local HVAC gentleman will take care of that and Robert can officially move home!!

Dan's UMCOR team was also still working on Mel and Billie's house. By the end of the day they had the front complete -- new door in and old door gone, new windows in and old ones gone, siding on, trim on and ready for the next incoming team tomorrow. They pushed it to the end and accomplished their goal and we are thrilled at their progress in just 5 days! What a team!

Another incredible week filled with blessings, love and things that I know I've already stored away in my mind and am forgetting to tell you!

Tomorrow starts a new week -- PDA, UMCOR and Amish teams will fill our week, our homeowners and our lives! We are so thankful for all who have come, for all who continue to come and for all who make it possible for all to come!

One last update -- the memorial service for Richard will be held on Saturday, January 30th at 5:00pm at Pastor Bob's church. We hope to celebrate his life and know he will be smiling down on all of us from his special place in heaven! Please continue to pray for Peggy as this is difficult for her.

Until next time . . . bless someone and ask them to pass it on. Susan and Monty

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