Friday, January 15, 2010


See for yourself the before and after photos of Mel and Billie's house. It's one side and it's not painted but it is sided and the windows are even trimmed! Amazing -- especially when the weather made the ground into mud about 4 inches deep in some places and today the winds blew in excess of 30 mph and the rains came with it! What a team -- what a team effort!
Allan and Rosemary now have all their walls and ceilings taped, mudded, sanded and textured ready for the priming to start tomorrow! They mastered the texture using rollers -- quite the feat! Another amazing team effort.
Martha and Steven are getting heat -- just a few more feet of wire and a couple of connections and it will be warm. They have the flooring completed in the laundry room and the gift of a bedroom suite from her sister is in place and beautiful. So nice to see their bed up off the floor! Martha was beaming with joy!
Logan and Janey's walls are coming together very nicely and that team will continue tomorrow! Monty stopped by and showed them a "hot" patch that had their eyes bugged out with amazement and joy!
Rosaland's house is now cleared of all her things and she is finally happy knowing that nothing will get wet or stolen. The team cleared away the last few nails from the walls, removed a wall she wanted taken out and did a great job in walking her through the entire process. I saw them even repairing some of her furniture! Her home is now ready for the incoming team next week to start on the foundation and leveling and installing hurricane strapping!
The Las Vegas men finished up additional flooring and things at Ralph and Laura's and were complete by noon. They moved themselves to Hsilda's and also finished there. Her kitchen is beyond belief -- the new 12 foot counter top/bar area all done and she and her husband are still smiling! He will work on a few more small things as their Pastor completes the ceramic tile in the bathroom and then we will be scheduling a house blessing for sure. The same thing will be coming soon for Ralph and Laura.
House blessings are coming -- many of them -- it might be hard to keep up.
House blessings came from all over the place this week -- so many families touched, so many families that were strangers at the beginning of the week -- God adding family for all of us!
What an awesome God we serve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . get in on the joy -- bless someone! Susan and Monty

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