Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunshine returns

The rains left, the fog faded away and the sunshine broke through bringing the temps to near 80 -- something the teams from up north are really enjoying!
Rosaland has the largest hurricane straps all installed and the house leveled. The team also learned a very easy way to make friends with the dogs -- donuts!!!
Janey and Logan have their interior doors all back in and trim nearly done.
Allan and Rosemary's women sure did get the hang of installing ceramic tile! It's perfection!
Mel and Billie have the siding up on the front of the house and the side door that they wanted to disappear is doing just that.
Our heating and air team have Robert's unit nearly complete. One more trip to Houston for one more part and they will call it done! They even went inside and installed his washer and dryer and are working on a couple of other things to tighten things up and get him moved home!
Brian and Carol are getting new windows, framing and their electric that took the electricians up into the attic area.
For our team of Presybterians today was their last work day. They have invited us to camp this evening for dinner and we are excited to join them and have the opportunity to thank them for all of their hard work and amazing blessings.
Our UMCOR team will work through tomorrow and then also be heading back north -- into some not nearly so nice weather! I've tried to keep them but . . .
For those of you who have been wondering, the funeral arrangements for Richard are not set yet and I will let you know when they are in place. We, and the family, thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this both joyous and sad time.
Until next time . . . bless someone and be blessed. Susan and Monty

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