Monday, February 01, 2010


Early this morning we welcomed our latest team who came from the state of Ohio. Even with our rain, cloudy skies and rather cool temps they were thrilled to be in warmer weather!
Most of their team returned to work in Brian and Carol's home. They are hanging sheetrock, taping and mudding sheetrock and starting the process of redoing the plumbing.
We "nabbed" a couple of their men because they are licensed electricians and plumbers!!!! Diamonds in the rough for us and the homeowners! We took them to Mel and Billie's where they worked on gathering materials and tools and setting a working plan for tomorrow and the rest of their week. We also hope to have them stop by Steven and Martha's and take a look at a plumbing issue going on there.
Our MN team is determined to do whatever it takes to get their deck rebuilding project as far along as they can. The rains didn't stop them from working and with a new load of lumber awaiting them they were going forward quite well.
Their group working at Logan and Janey's had the priming of the walls nearly complete and plan on doing some painting tomorrow. They are also putting the paneling back in the family room and it's amazing how well the house is coming together.
The trio at Allan and Rosemary's had their man "down for the count" early this morning. He's the one flat on the floor in front of the fireplace. He said his problem was he took off work yesterday and this morning made that extened reach for a tile that he shouldn't have done. He says this has happened before and assured us he would be fine. I think the fireplace and the ribs warming in the oven were just what he needed! In the meantime -- the women took over and are also making amazing progress with the flooring. They plan on grouting tomorrow.
Our Amish are on the Amtrack train making their way back to Teresa's and plan on being on the job sometime tomorrow.
Here we are in another week of teams working all over the place and in doing so are spreading blessings farther than they can imagine! I only wish you could see the smiles on the faces of the homeowners!
Hold on tight as this week promises to be amazing!!
Until next time . . . bless someone and be blessed yourself! Susan and Monty

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