Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A BIG "Hump" Day

Sorry for not having more photos but it just didn't happen today. Hopefully tomorrow!
We kiddingly refer to Wednesdays as "hump day" because the teams have worked through the intial "how do we do this" to running on all cylinders and working like a well oiled machine. They were all doing exactly that today.
Mariano and Maria are getting very excited about their House Blessing that is set for Friday at 4:30. The team is doing all sorts of last minute touchups and cleaning. The smile on Maria's face is contagious!
Art has all his doors hung and his shower door installed. His trim is going up and the team was literally waiting for paint to dry at noon so they called and we relocated them to Logan and Janey's where they are cleaning out underneath their mobile home, securing the insulation and installing plastic for a vapor barrier. I think they enjoyed the inside of Art's home a bit more than the underneath of the trailer but they are troopers and doing fantastic!
Martha and Steven's walls are absolutely beautiful! They have one coat of polyurethane on them and are planning on a second tomorrow. We have had perfect drying weather for this project and the team is thrilled. More ceiling fans were being installed also so they will really be set for a cool breeze now.
Logan and Janey's entire house continues to transform. It's quite different with this home though since we have gutted and are rebuilding only one half at a time. It's almost impossible to imagine seeing one side beautiful and the other side not even gutted out yet! We do what we can do accomodate the homeowner and make them as comfortable as can be during the entire process.
Mel and Billie's place is nothing short of astonishing! The team has managed to start working their way through the inside of the home with cleaning and cleaning and then more cleaning! They are planning on tackling the kitchen area tomorrow. Monty and I will then be assessing the entire home and start on the rebuilding process. The new roof is priority since it is raining inside their home. The team will reinstall a temporary tarp over the hole in the roof until we can get it redone. What troopers they have been --- angels for sure!
Robert's home now has all it's doors and door hardware and the kitchen counter tops were going in this afternoon. The HVAC will hopefully start soon and then we will be down to installing the flooring only! He also has a smile that cannot be removed from his face!
Hsilda and George continue to be amazed at the progress in their home. The archway is ready for priming and painting along with the rest of the home. The bedroom closets are complete and the final 3 doors were going in today! George will be shooting the texture on the ceiling areas tonight so the team can also prime and paint them.
I also visited with a new client late this afternoon. Tracy also lives in a mobile home that has water pouring in from all the windows and therefore the mold is quite toxic and quite the mess. I went to do an evaluation to see how we will go about starting this project. Thankfully Tracy is living in a FEMA trailer so it will help us be able to work a bit more freely. She is both hopeless and excited and ready to get the process started. Now all we need is to secure the funding . . .
Seems like alot going on, doesn't it! You should be here and try to keep up with it all. Having 7 different rebuilding projects happening in a week is really something! As small as San Leon is they are all in very close proximity and it's a good thing. Between us checking on all of them and Chester and Pat from the PDA camp we are having a blast!
Be sure and stay tuned as the week starts to wind down tomorrow the teams will step it up a knotch trying to get it "done" - whatever it is they are working on.
Until next time . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

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