Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working through the rains

Once again the winds blew and the rains poured - the weatherman saying by afternoon the sun would shine - and he was wrong!!!
It made no difference to Bob's team -- they modified, they changed plans and they worked and they blessed!
We started at both Martha's and Hsilda's and ended up all at Hsilda's. The plan was to finish the flooring in Martha's but . . . the glue to hold the tiles in place was not going to dry in enough time for them to lay the tiles. So they finished the polyurethane on the cabinets, cleaned up and headed to Hsilda's where they combined with the rest of the team who was determined to get their deck finished - rain or no rain! One man came prepared with a poncho and so he was the one working under the roof overhang of the house - where the water was pouring off and directly onto his blessed poncho! Hey man -- whatever it takes! :)
We have had the blessing of working with some of this team before and it's always good to see returning faces and smiles. They continued working and got 80% of the deck complete. Atleast we don't have to be quite so worried when baby David comes out and makes a mad dash toward the deck!
They also worked inside finishing the painting of the kitchen cabinets and did some real cleaning and organizing of materials. This kind of work is priceless -- for both the homeowner and the next incoming team. One of the things we "preach" at orientation is that "a clean job is a safe job" and Monty's famous line of "I can teach a monkey to build something but I can't teach a contractor to clean up after themselves" always brings laughs but also the reality of truth! This home is clean and ready for our next incoming team to get to work and actually be able to find materials.
An added blessing on this team was the Grandfather and Grandson team. I watched as the grandson was being taught to paint, taught to handle a nail gun -- I watched the growth and the love between them and it warmed my heart and I know put a smile on God's face!
We look forward to this team coming back to work with us again. They said it would be after the first of the year -- awesome!
Until next time . . . bless someone with your smile today! Susan and Monty

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