Thursday, November 05, 2009

The "urge" of Thursday

Today -- plenty of photos from all the jobs!
Thursdays are the day when the teams are all working well together and also the day when it dawns on them that tomorrow is their last day and it's an all out push to "get it done." All jobs are rolling so smooth it's amazing. And one of the things Monty and I must also get in our own heads -- these teams cannot stay! We get used to them, they are getting so much done and we are getting to know them all - and then we have to say goodbye!
Mariano and Maria's is 98% complete with the team putting on the final finishing touches that are making a powerful difference. Both Mariano and Maria are working inside along with the kids. Curtains are going up, pictures on the walls, you name it and it's happening. All in preparation for the official house blessing tomorrow afternoon!
Art's house is nearly complete with doors and trim and he's already preparing for the final thing - kitchen cabinets. His house blessing won't be far off at all.
Martha and Steven are thrilled with their new ceiling fans - Martha making note that each has 5 blades instead of 4 and the difference that makes. Their walls and ceilings shine like glass and have transformed the very tiny house into a home already.
Logan and Janey have people installing the plastic vapor barrier underneath the trailer and the kitchen inside is nearly complete, just awaiting the counter tops to arrive. Painting is being done in all directions and smiles are everywhere.
Robert's counter tops are being installed and nearly complete. His painting is nearly done and each room is beautiful. He stops me each time he passes in his work truck - just to say thank you and brighten my day with that smile.
George and Hsilda are also nearly completely painted inside and the deck is going up outside. Even the little kids are smiling as they see their house come together.
And last but not least is Billie and Mel. The Baltimore team is working on top of the house - literally trying to put up a tarp to keep the water from leaking inside until we can get the new roof on. They are working in the kitchen cleaning and cleaning and boxing up items so we will be able to move around with the rebuilding. It's amazing to see how the house is drying out just over the past couple of days! They filled yet another dumpster today with all their progress! Billie and Mel are thrilled to be able to start to see a light at the end of the tunnel and realize that it is NOT an oncoming train!
With each orientation Monty and I stress and stress and stress that this disaster recovery is NOT about production -- it's ALL about ministry! This week has been a perfect example of that ministry at its finest. We see the faces of homeowners change -- literally take on a different look from the first of the week to the last! Frowns turn to smiles. Hopelessness changes to hope. The feelings of intense loss change to feelings of being loved! Lives changed - both the homeowners and the volunteers! How blessed we are to see it happen each week!
Until next time . . . bless someone else - change lives! Susan and Monty

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